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Google Kills Chrome Apps: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Google is dropping support for web apps on Windows, Mac & Linux. In this post we look at the reasons why, what happens to apps already installed, and more.

23 August 2016

Google Sells One Million Chromebooks in Just 3 Months

In just three months more than a million Chromebooks were bought by schools and other education establishments.

20 July 2014

Google Blocks Install of Chrome Extensions Outside the Web Store for Windows Users

We knew it was coming, and today it is so: Chrome users on Windows can no longer install extensions or apps from outside the Chrome Web Store.

27 May 2014
Google Drive Logo

Google Drops Drive Storage Plan Prices, 100GB Now $1.99/m

Google has lowered the pricing of all its paid subscriptions for Google Drive storage, with 100GB of cloud storage now costing just $1.99 a month.

13 March 2014

App Trials and Paid Add-Ons Coming to Chrome Web Store

Free trials, in-app purchases and paid-for extensions and themes are coming to the Chrome Web Store, Google has announced.

12 March 2014

Google Offering $10,000 Reward To Extension Hackers

Wiley hackers can now earn big money by finding flaws in Google's range of Chrome extensions and apps.

5 February 2014
What might .chrome look like?

What Might A .chrome gTLD Look Like?

Google has applied to operate more than a hundred new gTLDs, but what does Google have in mind for .chrome?

25 January 2014

Google Updates Homepage With New Logo and App Launcher

In the first major overhaul since the introduction of a 'black nav bar' back in June 2011, Google has changed the way many of its core services are accessed from search pages.

22 September 2013

Not Received The Latest Chrome OS Update? You’re Not Alone…

It's been over a week since the most recent update to the Chrome OS Stable channel was pushed out by Google - but have you received it?

31 May 2013