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Docking was introduced in CrOS 27

It’s been over a week since the most recent update to the Chrome OS Stable channel was pushed out by Google – but have you received it?

Chances are you haven’t.

The update, which brought a number of improvements with it including tab-scrubbing and improved support for bluetooth accessories, was announced by Google last week. Chrome OS updates on all channels are usually pretty fast to arrive.

But one week on, the majority of Chrome OS users haven’t been updated.


So what’s going on? Although not officially confirmed, it seems that Google pulled the release shortly after announcing it. There are a number of reasons which can cause this this, most related to a bug or regression not noticed before hand.

Backing this up are the version numbers for the current stable build of Chrome OS listed by Chrome developers.

They list the ‘current’ stable build of Chrome OS as version. 26.0.1410.57, and the ‘stable’ version prior to that as the missing update: 27.0.1453.94.

You can see which version you have installed on your Chromebook by opening the settings page and clicking on ‘Help’.

As disappointing as it is to be told something is out, only for it not to arrive, it’s better than Google nipped a potentially unstable build in the bud.

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