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Many of you reading this will have nabbed 100GB of Google Drive storage for nothing, thanks to your purchase of a Chromebook.

But as great as this offer is, it’s not unlimited; at some point in the future those of you making use of the sizeable storage plan will either need to pony up some cash to keep it or export files and go back to struggling along on ‘just’ 15GB.

Well, there’s some good news for us: Google has lowered the pricing of all its paid subscriptions for Google Drive storage.

‘100GB of space at rival service Dropbox costs $9.99 a month — nearly $120 a year’

100GB of space now costs $1.99 a month (down from $4.99/m); a gargantuan 1TB now only needs $9.99/m (down from $49/m) to stay ticking over; and if you’re really in need of cloud storage you can rent out 10TB+ for a monthly fee starting at $99.99.

For comparison, 100GB of space at rival service Dropbox costs $9.99/m, while Microsoft’s OneDrive (formerly ‘SkyDrive’) costs around $50/year.

The new pricing plans come into effect today. More details can be found at

Already subscribed to a plan? Google say not to worry; anyone already signed up to a monthly plan will be automatically switched to the cheaper option, no input needed.

Google Drive – helping you save more.

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