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I am a writer for OMG! Chrome!, a tech. news site which covers anything related to Google's awesome web browser, Chrome. I also run and maintain the +#googleplusupdate page on Google+ as well, for people who need to get their Google+ news fix. I'm also a keen and learning photographer, photography is a recent passion of mine. Google

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Chrome Gets a Beta Channel for Android

Google has recently added a Chrome Beta to the Play Store, allowing users to test more bleeding edge versions of the browser.

11 January 2013

[Video] Christmas for Everyone

Google has released a new wave of commercials for their various products and services, including a new festive Chrome commercial. Watch it here!

22 December 2012

Google Announces Communities, Makes Google+ Even More Social

Google has announced Google+ Communities, a new feature which lets you create or join a social hub based around topics and interests, and it has been wildly popular so far...

11 December 2012

New YouTube Design Rolls Out For All

We've covered the experimental changes to YouTube the past few months, and as of yesterday, Google has started the process of rolling the new layout to all users. Sporting a sleek white look, the new interface makes videos in the stream really pop-out.

7 December 2012
The Google Chrome Logo

Chrome for Android and iOS Gets Another Minor Update

There hasn't really been anything new in the way of features for Chrome for Android the past few months, but we reported yesterday that this is going to change very soon...

29 November 2012

Chrome for Android to be On Par with Desktop Starting “Early Next Year”

The Chrome team at Google have updated a post made on the official Chrome page on Google+ recently, stating that Chrome for Android will on par with its desktop counterpart starting next year.

27 November 2012
Best Buy Banners for Chrome

Google Continues its Marketing Push for Chromebooks

Google continues its marketing push for Chromebooks over the popular shopping weekend, with new "For Everyone" banners at Best Buy stores across America.

24 November 2012

The New Chrome Campaign That is “For Everyone”

Grab your camera and capture something cool, upload it to Google's website and become part of their new campaign, "Gallery For Everyone".

20 November 2012
An updated version of the YouTube player

Updated YouTube Player Has a Fresh Look and Feel

YouTube has seen many variations of its upcoming UI refresh, and they only roll-out to a small subset of lucky users. This recent change makes it more polished than ever. Take a look...

15 November 2012