Google has announced Google+ Communities, a new feature which lets you create or join a social hub based around topics and interests.

Communities on Google+

A Community for Communities

With Communities, people who are actively using the service can hold focused conversations through social hubs matched on their hobbies and interests. There are already thousands of communities available to join, from “Cute pictures of cats” to “Landscape Photography“, there’s obviously a place for everyone.

Communities has already been hugely popular, with the hashtag  “#communities” trending on Google+ for three or four days. Google+ Communities was launched this past Thursday along with the announcement of very positive usage figures.

Communities – Learn More

Want to know more? Google has also updated their “Learn More” micro-site with a page for Communities:

Find Your Community – Learn More

Google+ Now Playing On Its Strengths?

I have always seen Google+ as a social destination which holds very high-quality user content with lots of engagement and excellent discussions.It is a community for people who want to share with others who have the same passions, and Google never played on their strengths in their video marketing, which was based around engaging with your friends, family and co-workers.

I feel that the marketing team had lured people into using Google’s social service and thinking that all their relatives and friends would already be there, and for most people, were not.

It looks like Google have are now focusing on their strengths with Communities, and is already actively promoting it. Take a look at their new YouTube video:

OMG! Communities!

As you probably expected, we’ve launched our own communities which are growing rapidly and feeding very exciting discussions. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, I’ve placed links to both OMG! Chrome! and Ubuntu!’s community conveniently below:

OMG! Chrome! Community

OMG! Ubuntu! Community

Are you a Google+ user? What do you think of the new Communities feature?

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