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Chrome OS Now Streams Movies from Drive to Chromecast

At the end of July we saw how close Chrome OS is getting to supporting native Chromecast support in its desktop video player.

18 September 2014

Chrome OS Steps Closer to Enabling Video Player Chromecast Support

It will soon be possible to send videos from your Chromebook straight to your Chromecast — no special apps or additional extras needed.

30 July 2014

[Video] Chrome is Everywhere

In the past year, Google Chrome has been made available for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows 8 tablets. Chrome is now everywhere!

12 March 2013

Netflix Support Officially Arrives on Samsung ARM Chromebook

Support for streaming content from on-demand video service Netflix has officially arrived on the Samsung Chromebook today.

11 March 2013

Google Announces Communities, Makes Google+ Even More Social

Google has announced Google+ Communities, a new feature which lets you create or join a social hub based around topics and interests, and it has been wildly popular so far...

11 December 2012

New Chrome Commercial Shows Off Browser Skins

In this Chromercial (see what I did there?), Google is showing off their own ‘My Chrome Theme’ extension for it’s browser, though Google+ is still front and center.

24 September 2012

New Chrome Commercial Hits the Web

A new short but touching Chrome commercial has been uploaded to YouTube continuing Google's "The web is what you make of it" marketing campaign.

11 September 2012