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I am a writer for OMG! Chrome!, a tech. news site which covers anything related to Google's awesome web browser, Chrome. I also run and maintain the +#googleplusupdate page on Google+ as well, for people who need to get their Google+ news fix. I'm also a keen and learning photographer, photography is a recent passion of mine. Google

Google Revamps Their ‘What Browser?’ Site

Google has rebuilt it's 'What Browser?' website in HTML5, with a fresh new look and feel.

24 October 2012
Google Drive Logo

New Chrome Web Apps for Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Several new web apps have been announced today by Google in a Google+ post, and they are already up and available on the Chrome Web Store for you to install.

23 October 2012
An all-new YouTube

[How To] Get the New Look YouTube

So you read our previous post and would like to get your mitts on the new YouTube design? We hear you..

23 October 2012
Google's YouTube Logo

YouTube to Get Tighter Google Integration

YouTube, one of the most-visited video content sites in the world will soon be receiving a makeover, complete with a Google bar.

23 October 2012
The logo for Do Share

Do Share Adds Poll Creation in Latest Update

Do Share celebrates its 5 month Birthday with a new update that adds easy poll creation...

9 October 2012
Logo for the Chrome Web Store

Chrome Web Store Gets a New Favicon

Google have recently rolled out a new favicon for the Web Store, sporting a semi-circular Chrome icon on a front-facing white tote bag.

9 October 2012

‘Track Comments’ Added to Google Play Music Labs

Something has been cooking in Google's labs, and it's for the Google Play Music website.

5 October 2012

[How To] Enable Right-Side Chat in Gmail

I'm a heavy Google+ user and I tend to switch between Gmail and Plus often and because of this, the Google Chat box jumps from left (Gmail) and right (Google+). I show you how to move the chat box to the right for easier access and better visual consistency.

2 October 2012

[How To] Join the HTML5 Video Trial on YouTube

Did you know that you don't have to settle for Flash on YouTube? Read on as we show you this quick how-to on how to enable HTML5 to enhance your YouTube experience...

25 September 2012

New Chrome Commercial Shows Off Browser Skins

In this Chromercial (see what I did there?), Google is showing off their own ‘My Chrome Theme’ extension for it’s browser, though Google+ is still front and center.

24 September 2012

Spruce-up your Photos with ‘PicMonkey’ for Chrome

For this week's extension review, I wanted to write about something that works great as a standalone product, as well as featuring great integration with Google Drive. I think I've found that perfect something...

24 September 2012

‘Currently’ Time and Weather – Chrome Extension Review

In this weeks review, I'll be taking a look at a simple and minimalistic time and weather extension that may be worth installing, if you'd rather not look outside the window for up-to-the-second weather (jokes, of course).

17 September 2012