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The Hidden Chrome for Mac Feature No-One Uses

Hidden amongst the ‘flags’ section of Chrome on OS X is a feature that few people seem to use: Exposé for Tabs.

As the name might imply to anyone familiar with Apple’s desktop OS, the feature offers Mac users a quick way to view all open tabs on screen at the same time.

Calling up the overview takes a 3 finger swipe down on a Magic/Macbook trackpad while holding the Alt key.

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 14.10.09

Clicking on a tab thumbnail switches straight to that tab, while hovering over a tab thumbnail will reveal a close button.

The feature has been in chrome for ages, first appearing as far back as Chrome 9! Looks and feature wise it’s still pretty much the same.

If you want to try it out just type “chrome:flags” into the Chrome omnibox and hit the ‘Enable’ button under ‘Tab Overview’.

  • Dragon5689

    Unfortunately, this feature has stopped working since the realease of OS X Lion

    • Simply by enabling it! Works fine in Mountain Lion.

      • weird. couldn’t get it to work on ML :(

        • Which channel are you on? I tried it on Canary. It may be that it’s ‘fixed’ in newer builds.

          • stable. will try canary.

          • it works, but as: option + 4 fingers down :

    • Alexander

      I think before Lion, it would work with a simple three-finger down gesture. I just tried enabling it again, and tried *option* + three fingers down, and it’s working for me (dev channel).

  • Chris Wachtman

    Didnt work for me. I would really like this feature though.

    • robrecord

      Does it depend on what you have set in your system’s Trackpad preferences, maybe?

  • Maximilian Held

    for me, it’s not alt, but cmd+3 finger

  • David

    No longer exist in Chrome version 34. A question that was posted in product forum:!topic/chrome/J5cfioQS4eg