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Chrome for Mac Is Finally Getting Better

Chrome for Mac is finally getting faster, using less memory and improving its power usage, changes in the latest development build for Mac OSX show.

24 August 2015

How Google Is Making Chrome for Mac Less of a Battery Hog

Google Chrome’s power management problems in OS X are far from subtle, with some stats showing it reduces battery life by as much as 3 hours versus Safari. The one-time lightweight browser has become weighty around the edges […]

15 June 2015

This is Mac OS X Running on a Chromebook

If you dream of being able to install Mac OS X on a Chromebook it is time to open your eyes. Someone has done it. In another case of “because why not?”, developer ‘Coolstar’ has […]

2 June 2015

Google’s Plan to Protect Mac Users from Rogue Chrome Extensions

Mac users are to be better protected against malicious Chrome extensions, Google has announced.

13 May 2015

Chrome Web Apps Will Soon Behave Like Native Apps on Mac

The latest developer channel release of Google Chrome for Mac features some much needed improvements to the way 'Hosted Apps' run and integrate with OS X.

7 January 2015

Google Chrome for Mac Is Now 64-bit Only

Google Chrome for Mac is now 64-bit only, a move that will lead to better performance, security and general stability of the browser in OS X from here on in.

19 November 2014

Google to Discontinue 32-bit Chrome for Mac Next Month

Still rocking an early Intel Macbook or iMac? If so, you might want to grab the nearest rock and hide underneath: you're about to become Chromeless.

4 September 2014

Google Chrome Dev Now 64-Bit on Mac OS X

Are you using the Google Chrome Canary or Dev Channel on your Mac? There's a 64-bit surprise for you.

5 August 2014

New Canary Feature Prevents Chrome from Quitting When Apps Are Running on Mac

Chrome Apps are great, but if there is one drawback to using them on Windows and Mac OS X it's that they quit when Chrome does.

10 May 2014