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Chrome Canary Revamps User Switching Menu On Mac OS X

A revamped user switching menu offering new features has been made available for testing in Chrome's Canary builds on Mac OS X.

24 January 2014

The Hidden Chrome for Mac Feature No-One Uses

Hidden amongst the 'flags' section of Chrome on OS X is a feature that few people seem to use: Exposé for Tabs.

5 September 2013

Chrome App Launcher Available for Mac Dev Users

Mac users on the Google Chrome Dev Channel are now able to download and enable the Chrome App Launcher.

3 September 2013
Notification Centre in Chrome Canary

Notification Centre Settings Arrive in Chrome Dev on Mac

Google Chrome Canary users on OS X will be pleased to learn that the new Notification Centre finally has settings.

11 June 2013

Chromium Improves Packaged App Support on Mac OS X

Mac Chrome users can expect to find improved support for Packaged Apps under OS X.

31 May 2013