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Chrome updated to 27, now 5% faster!

Google has released the latest stable update to Chrome, version 27, which has improved page loading by 5% and adds support for a new File System Sync API.

The Chrome team have released version 27 to the stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux users. Web page loading is now 5% faster on averageSupport for the File System Sync API has been added, allowing websites to save and synchronize data on Google Drive.

This release features a new search customized New Tab Page layout, using the Instant Extended API. This new API improves ranking of predictions, improves spell correction, and numerous fundamental improvements for Omnibox predictions.

Finally, the Chrome App Launcher should now be accessible by default for Windows users.

Chrome 27 also features a slew of security updates, making your browsing experience even more secure.

  • Security fixes with use-after-free scenarios with SVG, clipboard, media, flash, widget and speech
  • Fixes with Memory safety using Web Audio
  • Resolved issues with XXS extraction

Finally, Webkit has been updated to version 537.35 and V8 has been updated to version 3.17.14

Chrome 27 will be last ever release using WebKit. Chrome 28 will use Blink.

  • FirstLine

    When the user installs a new Chrome App from the Google Market, the web page will ask if the user would like to install the App Launcher.

    • Ed Hewitt

      Ah, thanks for the information. Not using Windows, so was unsure how the App Launcher worked.

  • Michael Goff


    What version will we start seeing Blink in? And when will it actually matter? :D

    • Jamie Rushworth

      The article says version 28 will use Blink, so the next version of Chrome basically.

      • Michael Goff

        I could have sworn that wasn’t there when I started typing. D:

        But, yeah, still don’t know when it will mean anything.

  • M4rduk

    Is libudev0 still needed on the Linux side with this release?

    • BartWillemsen

      Nope, after this update it now installs just fine in Ubuntu here and didn’t install libudev0 manually (used Chromium instead during that time).

      • M4rduk

        Oddly, removing libudev0 after upgrading Chrome to version 27 causes Chrome to fail to launch. Had to re-install libudev0 to make Chrome functional again.

  • Javier Bastardo

    Can’t wait for Blink!

  • I have Chromium 29 on Windows and the experience with Blink is incredible.

  • adamhartley40

    Congrats! Chrome 28 is now stable! When you try to load a page, the page icon is sad :(