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Chrome Web Store Adds ‘Available for Android’ Search Filter

Promotion of mobile versions of popular web apps go live

Google may say that it intends to keep Android and Chrome OS separate, but that doesn’t mean they can’t buddy up.

The search giant has, for the second time in as many weeks, refined the search functions offered in the Chrome Web Store, this time making it easier to find apps that also offer Android versions.

Adding to features introduced earlier this month, users can now narrow down results based on whether they are also ‘Available on Android’. This adds to existing criteria, including: “By Google”, “Works Offline” and “Free”.

web store

Android filter and app banners

Select results are badged with an ‘available for Android’ banner and link to the equivalent app from the Google Play Store.

It’s not entirely clear precisely what this feature is intended to do (other than being helpful). But with Android activations ever-rising, it may help provide a degree of familiarity and trust in store listings, something that recent adware scares may have undermined. 

Will Play Store listings receive reciprocal links to the Chrome Store? Unlikely, at least for now.

What do you think of the new feature? Will you find it useful? Tell us in the comments, below.

Update May 26: Google removed the filter shortly after this article was published.
Update June 4: Google has re-enabled the filters.
  • Tom King

    What would make additional sence is (1) moving the entire Chrome Web Store to a “Chrome” section of Google Play; (2) cross-li king between apps and extensions for the same product; (3) requiring that ALL Chrome apps be “packaged” web apps that work offline with a companion extension starting in 2015; and (4) selling 3rd party Chrome hardware in the Chrome Web Store + Google Play. Of course, having a print button in Chrome wouldn’t hurt either.

    • Boothy

      Agree with most of you’re ideas, but trying to enforce that All Chrome Apps be packaged apps isn’t really going to work.
      Take OMG Chrome. It’s a web app, but why make it a packaged app? So it auto syncs content to your CB when connected? Have enough of them, could soon start filling up those 16gb HDs.
      YouTube packaged app? Point?
      Not every Android app work offline, it’s being made into too big a deal. You need enough good quality packaged app to make it accessible right now, whilst still maintaining the long term view of web enabled computing.

  • Boothy

    I like the “available for Android” message on the actual results, although it needs some work at the moment.
    Apparently Google Docs, Sheets, Play, Photos, and Chrome Remote Desktop are not available on Android…………

  • My problem with this is that I assume that eventually some Chrome Extensions will be able to be installed on Chrome for Android. When that happens this “Available for Android” thing will become confusing. Right now, it’s talking about Chrome apps for which there are a corresponding Android app. But couldn’t it also signify extensions that can be installed on both desktop and mobile versions of Chrome?

    • miri

      You know what they say about assumptions…

      • I don’t, but for some reason you confidently assert that I do.

        • miri

          …touche. To rephrase, maybe the reason that this system wouldn’t work will with Chrome extensions being available on Android is because Chrome extensions won’t be on Android. Given the nature of Android and projections as to it’s future development, Chrome extensions would be unnecessary and largely redundant as apps and Android features could serve that purpose just as well.

          • Yes, I did understand what you were saying.

            I strongly disagree, though, that “apps and Android features could serve that purpose just as well.”

            As a web developer, there are dozens of Chrome extensions that I would love to have on Chrome for Android. It would seriously me develop for mobile. And external apps can’t entirely take their place, as they need to integrate with the browser.

            Plus, there’s AdBlock. I really want AdBlock on my phone/tablet.

          • You can get AdBlock on your phone and tablet. Just step out of Google’s walls for a bit since they will never allow you to block YouTube ads if they can help it ;)

          • Don’t really care for Firefox Mobile. Used it many times, though.

          • [Sorry for the late reply] but if you ‘really want AdBlock on my phone/tablet.’ then use FF Mobile :P

          • David Gabel

            I believe rooting on Android handsets would allow for an Adblock app to be used. I’m not familiar with adblocking on a mobile device though.

  • Tom King

    Why isn’t the Chrome Web Store instead in Google Play under a “Chrome” tab featuring apps, extensions, themes, hardware to purchase and developer resources?

    • Brian Perry

      That’s a really good point Tom. I think it would be an awesome idea for ChromeOS to be integrated into the play store.

  • I don’t see this anymore. Anyone else?

    • Boothy

      Nope. Appears to have vanished.