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Chrome Now Lets You Install Browser Extensions from Your Android Phone

Google has added a new feature to the Chrome Web Store: the ability to install extensions on the desktop Chrome browser using an Android device.

8 September 2016

Google Is Finally Cracking Down on Data-Harvesting Chrome Extensions

Google is to finally tackle the pervasive use of data-harvesting by Chrome extensions. From July, the search giant will require all add-ons on the Chrome Web Store that collect user data in the background to ask you for your explicit permission […]

17 April 2016

New Look Logo for Google Chrome Web Store

A new Chrome Web Store icon is beginning to appear online, even being used in recent marketing material for Chromebooks. But is it the new official logo?

15 June 2015

Chrome Web Store Streamlines Sidebar, Makes Finding Apps Easier

Google's designers have given the Chrome Web Store sidebar a rejig, consolidating many of the filters and categories to make finding apps easier.

16 December 2014
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Google Tweaks Chrome Web Store Listings, Adds ‘Support’ Section

A number of small changes to the Chrome Web Store are now rolling out, with a new 'Support' section for Chrome Apps being the most notable new feature.

19 November 2014

Chrome Web Store Can Now Show What Apps Are Popular in Your Country

Google has made it easy to see which Chrome apps on the Web Store are popular in a users' country, and which apps are also available on Android.

4 June 2014

Google Blocks Install of Chrome Extensions Outside the Web Store for Windows Users

We knew it was coming, and today it is so: Chrome users on Windows can no longer install extensions or apps from outside the Chrome Web Store.

27 May 2014

Chrome Web Store Adds ‘Available for Android’ Search Filter

Google may say that it intends to keep Android and Chrome OS separate, but that doesn't mean they can't buddy up.

23 May 2014

Google Chrome Web Store Introduces Refined Search Experience

Google appears to have introduced a refined set of search controls to its Chrome Web Store, allowing specific types of content to be discovered quicker.

14 May 2014