chrome android extensions optionFirst things first: don’t get excited and misunderstand the headline. You can’t install extensions on Chrome for Android.

But a new feature has been quietly introduced that lets you install extensions on desktop Chrome…from Chrome on Android.

As spotted by Anders Nordin (via Android Police) when you open a Chrome extension URL for the Chrome Web Store in Chrome for Android you’ll see a new option: “Add to Desktop”.

Tapping this will install the extension on your desktop Chrome browser.

The flow is somewhat similar to the way you can install Android apps on your devices using the Google Play Store in a desktop browser.

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OMG! Chrome! Extension on Chrome Web Store

Before this change opening a Chrome Web Store link in Chrome on Android wouldn’t do much. An option would let you send yourself an ‘e-mail reminder’ to install it when you got back to your desk, but I doubt many did!

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