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Google Launch $999 Intel i7 Chromebox Kit For Business Meetings

Google Chromebox for Meetings

Google has announced a new Chromebox for Meetings to help businesses connect their employees across the world.

The Chromeboxes will feature an Intel Core i7 processor with an HD camera, combined microphone/speaker device, and a remote.

The Chromebox, webcam, mic/speaker, and remote.

The Chromebox, webcam, mic/speaker, and remote.

Google tout that you won’t need any extra cords or devices to set up a meeting, just a display connected to the Chromebox. Participants will only need to “click the remote once” to enter a meeting rather than dialling in to special numbers.

Chromebox for Meetings also integrates with a business’ Google Apps account to schedule and invite others to meetings through Google Calendar.

A meeting can have up to 15 participants across any devices supporting Google Hangouts. For customers, contractors, etc. who aren’t part of the corporate Google Apps account, a Gmail account is all they’ll need to participate in a meeting.

Vidyo is providing a product for businesses needing to use preexisting PBX and SIP systems, whilst users preferring to phone in to meetings can use an UberConference number.

‘Chromeboxes from HP and Dell will be added in the next few months…’

The first Chromeboxes for Meetings are manufactured by ASUS and are available for businesses in the US starting at $999 – which includes the first year of a $250 “management and support fee”. Google have additional Chromeboxes from HP and Dell in store for the next few months and will be expanding into the UK, France, Spain, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, and Australia “later this year”.

Today’s announcement shouldn’t be much of a surprise given Chrome OS has been doing well in the business sector. With the Chromebox for Meetings set to land in 7 other markets soon, it’s looking to be another big year for Chrome OS.

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  • Nigel

    “Google have additional Chromeboxes from HP and Dell in store for the next few months” – that’s great news, hadn’t expected any more Chromeboxes this year besides the one announced this week from Asus.

    • Boothy

      Yep HP one already announced :)

    • cee

      Yes, chrome like windows pcs are expensive compared to Apple,
      Well done hp, well done google

  • Kevin Gregg

    one thousand bucks?!?! and why is core I7 needed to run any chromebox?

    • flychinook

      From what I’ve read on other forums, this is an absolute steal for a nearly complete (just add display) video conferencing solution, especially when you factor in a year of 24/7 support.

  • cee

    A Mac mini, usb camera and a set of speakers and remote cost less. Well done google, you have just made Apple hardware look cheap!

    • miri

      For the enterprise market it’s actually a fraction of what they usually pay. Also, there are software and maintenance costs to consider.

      • cee

        ‘which includes the first year of a $250 “management and support fee.”‘ So for two year, for two people to talk to each other that’s $2500, and then $500 per year after that, I’ll let you get your calculator out and do the maths for each additional person to be included in a conversation!

        So the IT manager you just hired is an additional cost to running chromebox with it’s $250 per year maintenance fee. Lets hope your payment went through, how embarrassing would it be if your direct debit didn’t clear and Google cut you off just before or worse half way through an important meeting.

        Yes your right, the mini mac solution would be a fraction of the cost for enterprise customers who would usually pay for a Chromebox kit for business meetings. And as any person who has used a Mac knows, it comes with minimal maintenance (why do you think large Win based IT departments hate Macs, because Apple systems would put 75% of the luddites out of work) and the software is free. And you can do more on a Mac Mini than a Chromebox, even a windows pc would be cheaper and more practical than the Chromebox!

        And then there is the issue of privacy, as a business this is critical, for the business itself and clients, partners etc. Who would want to have every business conversation and document sent from Chromebox to be scanned and held on googles servers for ever.

        Do you even understand what Googles main business is? Yes that’s right, it is selling advertising space, and using your personal data and anyone you communicate with to do that by accessing what your habits are on the web. Every service that Google offers is to further that goal, isn’t the tagline ‘press ourselves right up against the creepy line.’?

        A company like Google with so many financial, business and historical links to the CIA, DARPA and the NSA, sure I want my business data handed over to all and sundry. I won’t even get into the shady deals the lady from DARPA who is now on the board of Google got upto!

        And then when Google decide it doesn’t want to support the hardware and software beta that it sold to you for $1,000, that becomes a $1,000 doorstop/paperweight as it has done with everyone of it’s products.

        Buy an overpriced future doorstop, better off using Gotomeeting etc.