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Google Inbox Web-App Added to the Chrome Web Store

inbox chrome app

Inbox for Chrome is a URL App

Google has released a handy Chrome web-app for its “new” invitation-only e-mail service Inbox.

Inbox is being billed as the biggest overhaul to e-mail since the arrival of Gmail.

Built for the mobile-first era, Inbox offers to help users stay on top of the avalanche of email through some unique features, including:

  • “Bundles” — groups similar messages together
  • “Highlights” — shows you the most important new mail
  • “Reminders” — let’s you schedule tasks within the app to you get them done
  • “Snooze” — resurfaces mails and reminders for attention at a later date

Google say all of your messages from Gmail are accessible through the app, as well as its most popular features like spam protection and search.

inbox by google

The Inbox app for Chrome is, disappointingly, a “hosted/URL app”, aka a ‘glorified bookmark’.  While still useful, one hopes Google is working on something a little fancier for Chromebooks.

If you have an invite to Inbox and want to be able to access it quickly from your App Shelf or App Launcher, you can grab the app from the Web Store now.

Inbox by Google on Chrome Web Store

Don’t have access? Join the club! Fire off a message to to be added to the waiting list.

  • miri

    Just needs to be added to the web app launcher (grid icon in the top-right corner) and I’m set.

  • Boothy

    Nice one. Looks for this earlier, must have been prior to it’s release.
    Figures crossed for a Chrome App soon (along with tablet version).

  • Frederic MANSON

    App installed, invitation requirement send yesterday night!!! ^^

    • Boothy

      I sent mine on Wed evening, the invite was in my Inbox (no pun intended) this morning when I woke.

  • Bangar Reddy

    If you have any invitation left can you please drop me at

    • ducky wilson

      did you end up getting yours?

  • Kenneth Fegley

    still waiting on an invite

    • ducky wilson

      did you need one still by any chance?

  • Dheeraj

    yeah me tooo, waiting for the invite since 2 weeks

    • ducky wilson

      still need one?

      • Dheeraj

        Yeah buddy I need one. If you have one pls send it to Thanks Mate !

      • Dheeraj

        Thanks again. Received the invite . Inbox looks cook!

        • ducky wilson

          no problem

  • Vin

    I have a question: I got my invite email yesterday, but it mentions Android or iOS (Apple), not Chrome OS. What’s up with that? I’m happy to use the invite for my Android phone, but I wanted to use it on my Chromebook. I did see a rather off-hand statement “Activate you invite on your phone first.” or something like that. I’m a bit confused and, all-too-often, these posts at OMG Chrome are a bit cryptic.

    • invite is linked to account, and not to device. So if you “activate” your invite on a phone, you will be able to use inbox on every device(with your account only of course)

  • vacuumation

    My Android phone is at 4.0.4, so it wouldn’t let be download the app after I got the invite. But then I saw that we can’t even access ‘’ on the web without having it installed on our phone first. Absolutely ridiculous. Can Gmail EVER get out of its own way? I’ve turned to Dropbox’s ‘Mailbox’ service instead.

  • Winnz

    Does anyone know how to make my gmail extension redirect me to inbox instead of classic gmail?

  • Travis McEndree

    I love how i sent them a invite 30 days ago, & no invite has appeared. This is making me mad af.