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Inbox for Chrome is a URL App

Google has released a handy Chrome web-app for its “new” invitation-only e-mail service Inbox.

Inbox is being billed as the biggest overhaul to e-mail since the arrival of Gmail.

Built for the mobile-first era, Inbox offers to help users stay on top of the avalanche of email through some unique features, including:

  • “Bundles” — groups similar messages together
  • “Highlights” — shows you the most important new mail
  • “Reminders” — let’s you schedule tasks within the app to you get them done
  • “Snooze” — resurfaces mails and reminders for attention at a later date

Google say all of your messages from Gmail are accessible through the app, as well as its most popular features like spam protection and search.

inbox by google

The Inbox app for Chrome is, disappointingly, a “hosted/URL app”, aka a ‘glorified bookmark’.  While still useful, one hopes Google is working on something a little fancier for Chromebooks.

If you have an invite to Inbox and want to be able to access it quickly from your App Shelf or App Launcher, you can grab the app from the Web Store now.

Inbox by Google on Chrome Web Store

Don’t have access? Join the club! Fire off a message to to be added to the waiting list.

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