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Google Play Movies App for Chrome Adds Search, In-App Purchasing


The ‘Google Play Movies & TV‘ app for Chrome just upped its usefulness, adding the ability to search for content and make purchases within the app. 

Launched back in June, Google Play Movies & TV for Chrome functions as both a shop storefront and a video-streaming media player.

But until recently you needed to use the Play Store website in a browser to hunt down a specific movie or television series and make a rental or purchase.

New Features, Better Experience

With the latest round of updates Google brings these much-missed features — arguably just as intrinsic to a “media app” like this as video playback and offline support — in-app.

You can now buy content in-app

You can now buy content in-app with a quick click

While it is still not possible to view (non-owned) item details without being drop-kicked to the nearest web browser (boo) buying movies (though not TV show episodes) with a quick click is deliciously easy: hover over a result card and click the lower-left ‘shopping bag’ icon.


Getting Better

These features add to an already impressive set, which includes Google Cast support, on-pause Info Cards, customisable captions and play-head syncing with the service’s Android and iOS apps so you can stop watching on one device and pick up at the same point on another.

Chrome OS users also have the option to download local copies for offline viewing — the reliability of which has been improved in this update.

Get Google Play Movies App

Google Play Movies & TV is a free app available for Chrome on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS.

Google Play Movies on Chrome Web Store

  • Neil

    Certainly an improvement, will make things easier.

  • Alexander Brown

    can we have this native ui in the other play apps please

    • Boothy

      I’m sure it’s coming.
      But I like you think that Google sometimes takes it’s time getting there.
      (OK, they have 4,142 different priorities, but still, lets push ChromeOS. Andriod is already dominant)

  • frewquinnn

    offline playback in mac and widows would be welcome

  • vacuumation

    Just like its music store, Google Play Movies doesn’t hold a candle to the offerings from competitors like Amazon. I compared some of the flicks in my ‘Watchlist’ section of Amazon Instant Video, and many of the selections were not available to be rented on Google Play Movies. And those that were, were only available in one type of format. It’s also blandly laid out, with very few links or info about the movie itself and the cast of characters behind its production. Of course, Amazon gets to utilize IMDb in this regard. But the fact that it looks so bare-bones shows that Google Play Movies is still in the pre-production phase of its development as an app.

  • mjfox

    Hello, any news about download for any laptop (Win, Lin, Mac)? I’d like
    to start using the service but I have a slow connection at home.

    Moreover I’d like to stream offline content from Android (Moto G 2014) to Chromecast. At this moment it is not possible, I cannot understand why.

    • miri

      Chromecast doesn’t connect directly to devices. Your device just tells Chromecast where the content is and becomes the remote while Chromecast pulls the content down itself. Plex, Avia or Chromecast’s screen casting feature (when that comes out of Beta) might be what you’re looking for but what you really want for offline video streaming is a Miracast device.