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New ‘Google Play Movies’ Chrome App Released With Offline Playback, Chromecast Support

After being teased last month, new app for Google's media service launches on Chrome


A new app from Google finally allows you to watch Play Movies offline on your Chromebook.

Announced last month and released today, Google Play Movies for Chrome is a packaged app that lets you watch purchased movies and TV shows on any Chrome OS device or through any Chrome browser.

It even syncs neatly with the official Android and iOS apps so you can pick up right where you leave off.


Play Movies Can Now Play Offline

If you’re on a Chromebook, ‘base or ‘box you can also download purchased content to your hard drive for offline, web-free playback.

When you’re online just head to My Movies or My TV Shows and hit the download icon on the card of the title you want to save.



In addition to letting you watch your purchases from any Chrome browser or download them on a Chromebook the new Movies app also has Chromecast support built-in; offers up actor Info Cards on select movies when paused; and lets you customise the look and size of captions and subtitles.

play movies subtitles

Download Google Play Movies App for Chrome

Google Play Movies offline support on Chromebooks has been long overdue. But while that feature, limited to Chrome OS only, may be the one most people turn to this app for it’s just as handy on regular desktop Chrome, where the built-in Chromecast support alone makes it well worth the entrance fee — which is free!

Grab the app on the Chrome Web Store. It works on Chrome for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS.

Google Play Movies on Chrome Web Store

  • Juan Carlos Cornejo

    Finally! This is great news indeed. I’m hoping next on their list is offline/pin support for Google Play Music.

    • Guest

      You can download music from Play Music already.

      • Juan Carlos Cornejo

        I meant more specifically where you can pin the music to listen offline through the same app. I don’t see that feature yet. But yeah, I could always download them and play them with the chromebook music player, but it’s not quite the same experience as, say, Google Play Music on Android.

        • dboy

          that feature exists inside the mobile version of the apps…doesnt make sense for the browser version to…

          • Juan Carlos Cornejo

            Why wouldn’t it make sense for the browser version to implement it too? After all, that is exactly what this Google Play Movies chrome app is doing, so, how is that much different from Music?

  • Caleb Lee

    Hoping they add something which tells you how large the downloaded file will be before attempting to download it

  • slurivariv

    This is greeeaaat news. I caught the G+ post last night and downloaded it. It looks absolutely amazing. For some reason I thought purchasing movies and browsing new ones wold be done in app. Maybe they’ll come out with a Play store app for Chrome after I/O.

  • JPB

    Can we download to a USB key or must we depend on just the free space that’s on the device itself? I can see this coming in handy for very long flights, but only if I have enough space to store a lot of movies.

  • Boothy

    Any chrome dev’s frequent the place here?
    Is it just me, or does it seem to take an age to produce a simple packaged app with not much functionality.
    I mean it’s good that it’s arrived, but they do seem to be dripping out slowly.

  • TonyL

    It would be good news if you could choose where to download. On my completely clean Dell Chromebook I can’t download a single movie. But Chromebooks aren’t supposed to need a large disc drive. You should be able to choose a download location so you can store movies on an external drive. Until you can this app is not very useful at all.

  • Curtis Mitchell

    This is a much needed and welcome addition…and one that will make me consider Google Play more often for video.

  • Seriously now?

    How about that Google Play Music packaged app now, Google?

  • Giovanni Panaro

    I actually did my own review on this, check it out here

  • Lou G

    you know, I can never get apps with offline support to work.

    -google books wants me to add cookies to my browser for the URL.
    -Angry birds was working, had offline installed, and then last night it couldn’t be reached on my chromebook and windows machine

    the only apps that actually work are this epub reader and google docs.

  • Vicente de Piérola


  • darkangelights

    I can’t get google play to let me sign up

  • darkangelights

    Stupid to pay for that when i could watch for free online.

  • Bill

    can a chromebook download an google movie to an external hard drive?

  • Bradfromearth

    Bullshit. Can’t download a thing to a pc

    • Joey-Elijah Sneddon

      That is stated in the article.

      “If you’re on a Chromebook [etc] you can also download purchased content to your hard drive for offline, web-free playback.”

      • timbo

        It doesn’t work on my Chromebook either, it’s rubbish. A shocking App from Google.

  • timbo

    server error, server error………………….it don’t work guys!! Great on my htc One Mini but my Chromebook won’t have it, what’s the point !!?? I think I’m going back to Windows…..