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You’ll Soon Be Able to Watch Google Play Movies and TV Shows Offline

Stock up on popcorn and Play Store credits: Google is adding offline support to its Movies and TV service on Chrome OS.

A dedicated desktop app for browsing, buying and ‘pinning’ content for offline playback was announced by Google at a press event held jointly with Intel this week. The feature is already present in the Android application for the service. 

Movies App Chrome OS

Improving Access, Improving Perception

Most Chromebooks come preloaded with an app — essentially a glorified bookmark — to Google’s Play Movies & TV store and allows users to browse for, buy and watch content — providing the user has an active internet connection.

Offline playback of items purchased through Google’s media store has, until now, been the preserve of mobile devices. With the latest crop of Chromebooks promising battery lives in excess of 10 hours, and appearing in convertible form factors, more users will be using their devices on the move, in bed or without Wi-Fi. Allowing consumers to watch their Play Store purchases offline will improve access and improve the mythconception of Chromebook limitations.

Google say the application will be made available sometime in the coming weeks.

  • Seeing as I have the Acer c7 model with the roomy 320 GB HDD, this would come in handy. I normally stick to Netflix and HBO, Nat Geo and a few other channels On Demand for video consumption (aside from online videos on websites such as YouTube). I could see this coming in handy for the couple of shows and movies I’ve gotten for free from Google Play, and may actually make me consider them more often for purchases of movies and my favorite episodes of television shows. Especially after they gave away the Tom Hanks movie ‘Big’ and I tried out that new feature, I forgot the name of it. Basically, it’s Google Search for videos. Tap on someones face, and it brings up some quick info about them, it was pretty neat. Needs a little refinement, but neat. Whenever I upgrade my Chrome OS device, I can retain my Acer and leave it set up next to my television as a little media device. Or maybe splurge on a Chromebox of some sort and give my Acer away to my mom, since it would fit her needs and her Windows laptop is always getting bugs and viruses.

  • Jose Reyes

    it’s good to coming in the feature, but storage?! 16 SSD, hmm.

    • Curtis Mitchell

      I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw chromebooks with larger storage drives, especially as 32 GB drives are getting super cheap now. Until that happens, an SD card or thumb drive works great. I’ve left a 64 GB card in my HP 14 since I bought it and I’ve got plenty of media on it.

  • Lou G

    You know. it’s funny. every time i go to use an offline mode for anything BUT docs, I get a “this app can’t be accessed.” even if it’s labeled as an offline app by the play store. so while this fun, it’s still meh to me.

    • Kenny Strawn

      Try Angry Birds. You’ll be surprised there too…

  • really won’t be able to hold much offline content though…

    • Why do you say that?

      • well Chromebooks generally only come with 16gb of storage. and I know I’ve already filled about half of that up with videos and pictures and stuff.

        • miri

          Personally, I don’t see the point in keeping too much offline as it just wastes space on files I’m not using. If I know I’ll be without a connection, I’ll pin the non-essentials then remove them when I’m done. Important files are always pinned.

          • Here’s the thing for me about storing files in the cloud. I love the idea. Accessing content from whatever device you want is awesome. But it takes more time to play files when you have to download them from the server every time you open the file :/ and to save files to Drive, you have to download them, AND then upload them to drive

          • Curtis Mitchell

            Yeah, the internet is great for keeping everything synced between different devices but for stuff I am using, I would rather have it stored locally rather than be at the mercy of my not-always-stable internet connection.

          • calden74

            Just use an external drive, they make them small enough now. I also just bought a 128GB SD Card for 30 bucks.

          • JusticeL

            I would love to sync my stuff offline. I have tons of video files and photos I would keep local if possible. I would be happy with an 128. Also if Steam was available on Chrome OS I would love it.

    • Juan Carlos Cornejo

      True, but for when traveling, it might just hold one SD movie to watch on the plane. Still worth it, I think.

      • you’re right…this is certainly better than nothing

        • Curtis Mitchell

          Just stick an SD card in your computer. Instant storage space.

    • Boothy

      Good thing I replaced the SSD in my series 5 550 with a 64GB one :)
      Best £38 I’ve spent

    • slurivariv

      Why do you say that? My Nexus 7 with 16GB is currently holding about 5+ Vampire Diaries episodes. It was also holding, at the same time, Frozen, and a few episodes of Orphan Black. They don’t take up THAT much room. Though, as you might tell, that’s all I did with my N7.

  • Kenny Strawn

    If Play Movies is getting this kind of offline playback via a full-fledged packed app, I wonder if Play Music is next… Yeah, of course I know about the mini-player and browser uploads, but even that Labs experiment doesn’t allow offline listening.

    • Kenny Rousseau

      yeah i agree, i have my music downloaded since i can’t play it offline, but it would definitely be a nice thing to have it offline instead

      • calden74

        Spotify is said to be adding this soon.

  • Christopher Love

    Great, Hopefully this leads to more content as well.

  • Boothy

    I was hoping that Google might be able to convert all their services to packaged apps quickly and give the ecosystem a bit of a boost (including Quick Office).
    Unfortunately, it seems to be slow going………

  • Kenny Strawn

    On a side note, I wonder if it’ll still be possible to Chromecast from this app (and if the Google Cast team will actually cooperate and release a public version of the SDK that supports packed apps when it’s released)…