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Google Throw XP Users a Lifeline by Extending Chrome Support to 2015

Windows XP Stalwarts to Get Extra Year Of Browser Updates

Google Chrome on Windows XP (Via Google Images)

Google Chrome on Windows XP (Via Google Images)

Google has announced that it will continue to provide security updates and bug fixes to Google Chrome on Windows XP until April 2015.

Microsoft end official support for the ageing Windows XP operating system on April 8th, 2014, more than 12 years after it was first released.

“We recognize that hundreds of millions of users, including a good chunk of current Chrome users, still rely on XP,” the company explained to users in a recent blog post.

 “Since unpatched browser bugs are often used by malware to infect computers, we’re extending support for Chrome on Windows XP, and will continue to provide regular updates and security patches until at least April 2015.”


By offering users a ‘grace period’ of a year Google are, in effect, throwing a lifeline to millions of users who, for one reason or another, may be unable to transition to Windows 7, Windows 8 or Linux before next year’s deadline arrives.

During that intervening 12 months Chrome will continue to function as normal, Google say. The latest security fixes and bug patches will download and install automatically to protect users against phishing, viruses and malware infections.

Mozilla’s Firefox has historically maintained support well beyond the end of life for several platforms and this decision makes Google Chrome one of the prudent choices for anyone who will be using XP beyond spring of next year.

Not A Reprieve

Windows XP continues to become more vulnerable with each passing day.

But it’s important that users don’t view this stop-gap solution as a long-term reprieve. Windows XP continues to become more vulnerable with each passing day.

For a free, modern alternative to Windows XP switching to something like Lubuntu – a Linux-based operating system that runs on older hardware, offers unparalleled security, and features a software store with thousands of free apps – could be the ideal solution.

Alternatively, for those that only use their computers for basic office work and web-browsing, an inexpensive Chromebook – like the new HP Chromebook 11 –  could make an ideal machine upgrade.

  • JPB

    This is a brilliant idea. Because, what, after all, is a Windows XP system that can do nothing but Chrome safely? It’s a Chromebook! Nice way to get people thinking about Chrome as a workspace if they are currently Windows based but don’t want to switch to Windows 8.

    • David G

      Why not switch to Win7 if such is the case? It’s like XP 2.0 as far as being very stable and fast while having current support from Microsoft to ensure it’s more secure. Though if the person isn’t against switching platforms, there’s always Linux OSes that offer stability and security while offering a Windows-like desktop for comfort. I’m not trying to hate on XP, but once Windows 7 hit, it seemed like the way to go as far as an upgrade.

      • Сергей Марков

        Fast? W7 is one of the slowest OS ever.

        • David Buddy

          No I don’t think so, It can only be slow if you have a 10 year old computer which has less then a Gigabyte of ram, crappy processor ect.

          • Сергей Марков

            New hardware can mask perfomance problems, but if you’ll have netbook, you’ll feel the difference. Unoptimized software like that just simply needs more resources to work well.

        • If you have a couple gigs of RAM and anything newer than a Pentium 4 it works fine.

        • David G

          maybe if you’re on a decade old piece of crap.

          I tested it on a core 2 quad and 4GB of ddr2 along with a 5400rpm drive with XP and 7 and they run the same speed/performance rather than 7 lagging behind. Now if you’re running a netbook then that’s a hardware problem and not an OS problem, as the Atom is/was the biggest crap CPU I’ve ever seen.

          • Сергей Марков

            Perfomance is a OS problem. W8 provides same functionality as W7, but runs on slow hardware without lagging or 2 min boot. AMD k125 was top cpu when i bought my old device, and W7 was preinstalled. Deleting this smeared with shit OS and installing ubuntu solved the problem.

          • David G

            Netbooks were designed for battery life, not for power. Also what version of Windows 7 were you running?

          • James Bell

            My Atom netbook actually handles Windows 7 Home edition like a champ, as long as I turn off Aero.

          • David G

            but I’m sure it doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes to boot/shutdown or 3 minutes to open a program :-)

          • James Bell

            More like 30 seconds to boot up and a few seconds to open programs. Windows 7 is pretty lightweight. It handles Windows 7 better than Ubuntu 12.04

          • David G

            And that is what gets me about the whole “windows 7 is such a slow hog” type of comment I replied to. it seemed like a hardware problem or just the version of 7 he was using.

          • hiloguy

            We’re using two of those “ancient piece of crap” Dell D-620s docked to 24″ displays and external keyboards in our publishing company office and do lots of Web design and photo work on them, plus camera-ready entire books for printing. They have always worked flawlessly with XP-Pro, I can’t remember the last crash or glitch of any kind, and compared to our much newer computers here, well, I can handle the extra one or two seconds for a complex screen redraw. One of our laptops is a Dell XPS M-1530 that was delivered with W7 and I couldn’t wait to get it off of there and install XP. That’s another one that ran flawlessly for 7 years now, and in the beginning of our change-over, it is now running Ubuntu 12.04. The ONLY con of Ubuntu for us is having to use Cross-Over for Photoshop, but only because I don’t want to have to learn Gimp. Maybe one of these days . . .

            Adios, XP. It’s just too bad that Bill won’t support this OS that so many millions of people and corporations are very happy with. It’s been a great ride.

          • My Dell Latitude D620 handles Aero perfectly. It’s a 2004 laptop for god’s sake.

        • GuiMaster

          I own Vista and my computer is from 2008 or 2009. It’s a dual-core 1.6 ghz, I think with 4 gig of ram.

          I also own a Netbook with Windows 7.

          Both Vista and 7 will slow down to a crawl if I click on too many things in too short a period of time. Then I wait and wait until I can successfully manage to click “shutdown” and then I wait for 5+ minutes for the computer to actually shutdown. It’s so frustrating that I pretty much only use Linux, which is very fast for me on both machines.

          I’m actually thinking of downgrading to XP since I know I’ll get support from at least some Anti-Virus companies for the next 3 or more years. By then hopefully I can do everything I need to do in Linux.

      • Many Windows XP users can’t switch, because their computers are too slow…

        • bluelightzero

          I think near to April i am going to start selling cheap xubuntu disks to people who are still on xp but cannot afford windows 7+

    • fallon

      As long as it is connected to the internet it isn’t safe as safe as win7+ or linux, even if it does use chrome browser. If people want to convert their laptop/pc into a chromebook, they should try lubuntu which comes with chromium browser installed by default and doesn’t cost anything to install

      • Jop

        Indeed. Lubuntu comes with Firefox now (Weird decision, IMHO), however. But you can still install Chrome on Lubuntu.

      • GuiMaster

        XP will never be as unsafe as it was in 2004 when the Sasser Worm hit.

  • Kostas

    “With Mozilla’s Firefox unlikely to remain updated past April, this decision makes Google Chrome the prudent choice for anyone who will be using XP beyond spring of next year.”


    Firefox never abandons older platforms immediately. Windows 2000 was supported until 2012 (Chrome never supported it). The same goes for older windows platforms. This sentence is plain FUD.

    • Sam Tran

      Thanks for pointing it out. We’ve corrected the sentence. Considering the Firefox team bases a large part of the decision on where their userbase is, I think it’s safe to say Firefox on XP will be around well beyond April 2014 and even April 2015.

  • Kenneth Endfinger

    I’d suggest Arch Linux, if you aren’t a noob.

    • Jop

      I’d suggest Xubuntu (for everyone ;)

      • BartWillemsen

        Or just Ubuntu because Unity is awesome!

        • suore

          or XFCE if You preffere classick lookout

          • David G

            XFCE makes a great Gnome 2.x replacement and it’s fairly light.

          • GuiMaster

            Why not post an extensive list of Linux versions and Desktop Environments so we can really confuse anyone new to Linux?
            Choice isn’t a good thing when you are taking your first steps.

            New users should choose either Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Elementary OS. Those operating systems are easiest for new users to learn and there is plenty of support available.

          • David G

            Maybe you need to go back and re-read this comment thread.

            The OP stated:
            Kenneth Endfinger • 4 months ago
            I’d suggest Arch Linux, if you aren’t a noob.

            Your rant about me causing confusion to people new to Linux does not apply to this particular comment thread, as it does not deal with people new to Linux. This thread is referring to those with more experience in it.

  • GuiMaster

    “Windows XP continues to become more vulnerable with
    each passing day.”

    Does anyone else remember when the Sasser Worm hit, back in 2004? I promise that Windows XP will NEVER be as vulnerable to security threats in the future as it has been in the past. The people who write these articles love Microsoft and it’s tyrannical business practices, and they want to encourage you to open your wallet and upgrade to the latest version of the NSA spyware.

  • Kevin Patrick Carey

    ahhh no wonder Chrome has become a flaccid piece of garbage I uninstalled. I cancelled my 3 Gmail accounts as well as that has gotten slow as garbage too. I think im gonna switch to a Outook account or something else. Microsoft put this ancient operating system to sleep and everyone else needs to do the same.