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Google Chrome Extends Windows XP Support Until End of 2015

Google has announced that it is extending its support period for Chrome on Windows XP until the end of the year, eight months more than it originally intended.

16 April 2015

Why a Chromebook Makes The Perfect Windows XP Upgrade

Wondering why you might want to upgrade from Windows to a Chromebook? Let us fill you in on the benefits, boons and bonuses you get from going Google.

8 April 2014

London Council To Save £400,000 By Switching from Windows to Chromebooks

A London Borough Council says it will save £400,000 by swapping its Windows computers for thousands of Chromebooks and Chromeboxes.

6 April 2014

Best Buy Offer $99 Chromebook to Windows XP Hold-outs

BestBuy is offering customers the chance to buy an Acer Chromebook for just $99 when trading in a working Windows XP PC or notebook.

6 April 2014

Google Throw XP Users a Lifeline by Extending Chrome Support to 2015

Google has announced that it will continue to provide security updates and bug fixes to Google Chrome on Windows XP until April 2015.

25 October 2013