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Samsung Readies Chromebook 2 for Release

Image credit: Samsung

Image credit: Samsung

Samsung said to expect an April release for the 2nd-gen version of their ARM-based Chromebook and it looks like they’re sticking to their word. 

The company’s Canadian website has been updated with new listings for both the 11-inch and 13-inch versions of the leather-look device.

Aimed at promoting the devices to customers, these feature the obligatory specification rundown, a slew of screenshots and the usual bold claims of ‘super fast performance’.

Though how fast is up for debate.

Gigaom note that the lists throw up some extra bits of information, including planned support for the newer, faster 802.11ac WiFi specification; bluetooth radio; and a marginal increase in the weight of the 11-inch model.

Samsung have yet to give a firm release date for the Chromebook 2, and while the listings are yet to appear on the company’s other international sites, it does seem that it will be launching sooner rather than later.

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 Samsung Canada Chromebook 2 Listing

  • Sean Lumly

    I am so disappointed that in *all* of the hands-on videos that I have seen about the Chromebook 2, not ONE of them actually opened apps and provided a glimpse of general performance: eg. scrolling performance (especially notoriously slow pages), page loading speed, multiple tabs, startup/shutdown times, webGL apps, etc. Instead, they all went over the placement of the ports — information that could be gleaned from any online spec sheet.

    I am really looking forward to getting one of these devices. They look great, and the price is very reasonable. I just wish there was more information to go on.

    If anyone knows of a hands-on that shows general usage, I would be very grateful for a link!

    • Justin Heavenridge

      They probably weren’t allowed to yet. My guess is that Samsung doesn’t want performance reviews out until launch. There were a couple of videos showing some benchmarks like Octane on YouTube awhile back.

      • Sean Lumly

        It seems unlikely to me that Samsung would allow a user to run a benchmark, but not scroll a web-page, especially considering that web-pages are essentially all that Chromebooks do.

    • ARM Octa software performance is a big deal, Samsung may not have optimized it when they showed prototypes last month, but they may get closer to have it optimized by launch date. It’s about HMP Heterogeneous Multi-processing, enabling all 8 cores to peak performance at the same time when the browser may need it, also using the new ultra powerful GPU to optimize web browsing speed.

  • Definitely looking to upgrade from my Series 3 to these. But I think I’ll wait for some reviews to see how much of an upgrade it truly is.

  • Andrew Emerson

    In order for me to spend 400 dollars on a chromebook it has to be perfect. The hp 11 was close with its very nice screen and speakers that went threw the keyboard but its just too slow with its arm processor and mediocre battery life. So far I’m not seeing the samsung chromebook 2 is worth the money.

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      Too slow? The ARM processor is a decent processor. I used the original Samsung Chromebook (which is identical to the HP 11 in terms of hardware minus the screen) and it’s never ever let me down in terms of speed. The only time it “failed” was when I had 10 YouTube tabs open playing all HD videos. I now have a HP 14 (the 4GB model) and that also fails on 10 YT Tabs with HD video.

      And mediocre battery life of 9 hours? Seriously? 9 HOURS on a single charge is pretty impressive. I have yet to find a Windows laptop that does half that… The only thing that gets close is my System76 machine (which was over $1000, where as my Chromebook was $300) with Ubuntu, which gets ~7 hours

      • I think he meant the 6 hours on the HP Chromebook, which is what put me off buying one as well. Also, which System76 do you have? I only get 2 hours max on my gazp7 :(

  • Toby

    I really want to know the real performance. I am thinking whether i should get the HP chromebook 11 or the new samsung chromebook 11. I really like the display,speaker and keyboard on HP, as well as the usb charging.

    • Blah Blah Blah

      HI Toby – I have also been thinking the same, cant make my mind up. I will wait until I see the Samsung in the flesh. If ot is too pricey, then I will settled on the HP 11..

      • Toby

        I think i will go for HP 11. The screen and design looks better, also the usb charging is convenient.

        • USB charging meant huge problem with delays, slow charging problems, unstable charger even the new one. It seemed like a good idea, but maybe USB charging for a laptop is not a good idea, not yet anyway.

    • While the HP Chromebook 11 with Exynos5250 is fast enough for most people, the Exynos5422 in Samsung Chromebook 2 (13.3″) may provide for a 2x to 2.5x faster performance, thus definitely fast enough for most people.

      • Toby

        Yea I know what you mean.Do you think hp 11 handle 1080p YouTube just fine? How many tabs open and hp 11 starts lagging?

        • HP11 works fine for most use, even using multiple tabs, but you should wait another week or two, pay $40 or $50 more or whatever, and get the Octa Core Exynos5420/22 in Samsung Chromebook 2, it’s not only the eight cores, it’s the more RAM, faster memory bandwidth, HMP with new faster GPU, lots going for it.

          • Toby

            Properly I’ll want and see how’s the performance on new Samsung Chromebook 2. But now, I go for hp 11 with its design,screen,usb charging so on :)

          • I recommend you not to, I went with HP11 6 months ago when it came out, it’s been worth it for the better screen and display over the old Samsung Chromebook 1, but now it’s clear the choice is Samsung Chromebook 2, Octa Core is ready for Chrome OS, finally, and this is really awesome.

          • Shane Piskur

            I just bought the HP11 yesterday and I love it but you are right. The Samsung Chromebook 2 will obviously be worth the extra money so I am waiting for that to be released and then exchanging it. Luckily Best Buy has a 45 day return policy for Reward Plus members :)

  • FrY10cK

    I need to know that dev mode is available so I can install Debian and Android Studio before I buy one.