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Official ‘Save to Google’ Chrome Extension Now Available

Squirreling away pics, links and videos just got easier

save to chrome extension

An official Chrome extension for Google’s new ‘Save’ bookmarking feature is available for download.

‘Save to Google’ is a new feature that the search giant has quietly rolled out in image search, allowing you to quickly stash images awayin one central location, and filter them by tags.

But this add-on takes the service one step further: you can ‘save to Google’ any content you come across in the browser, be it pictures or photos or blog posts like this one.

Think of it like Pocket for everything.

The official store description for the browser bolt-in puts it thusly:

Easily save interesting webpages to Google with the new Save to Google extension.

One-click save: Click the star to save webpages for later viewing. Easily navigate your saves via an intuitive visual UI.

One spot for webpages and Images: Your saved webpages and saved images from Google Image Search will live together at

In use, the ‘Save’ extension (and the accompanying web interface) use some of the smarts and flourishes that appeared in Stars, Chrome’s poorly received (and hastily reversed) bookmarking revamp.

You’ll find the Google Save extension available on the Web Store. It works on Linux, Mac, Windows and (of course) Chrome OS.

Save to Google Chrome Extension

Let us know what you think of the new ‘Save to Google’ feature in the comments below.

  • When you click on “View saves” you get a 404 Page not found :(

    • Worked for me after a Save

    • The upcoming feature is probably not yet activated on your account. I didn’t have this feature for awhile til maybe a week ago. Give it time, bookmark the page and come around to it again later. For me, I found out through a Google image search.

    • ksavai

      if you are getting 404 error just remove hl=en at the end of the link with gl=us.

  • JohnSandel

    Well, it says “Save,” not “Retrieve” …

  • Boothy

    Incoming android app?
    Offline support?
    Pocket is good for reading longform articles on the sofa, or public transport etc. So an offline mobile version would be cool!

  • David Waters

    Another johnny come lately experiment. There are so many “development projects” come and gone, all poorly promoted that a lot of people didnt even know they existed, development dropped because of poor take up (i wonder why :)) – this will just fizz like everything else.

  • Kain Young

    I like that you don’t have to go to a separate site (e.g., Pocket) to retrieve articles. One major difference I notice from services like Instapaper is that it’s saving a thumbnail and a link to the actual page, versus the text of the article for distraction-free reading.

  • Nate Hoffelder

    “Think of it like Pocket for everything.”

    Except that Pocket lets me read/view the content I save. This does not.

  • Vin

    Save, but save where? (I’m not on my Chromebook at the moment to test…)

  • This is great, one less reason to use another app and keep it all in the Google family.

  • hellol11

    I think this place has come back from the dead.

    • Iiari

      Helps for there to be actual Chrome OS news…

  • I love it, really. BUT, I’ll start to put time and effort in it and then :
    Wave, Reader, Notebook [..There’s a list of 20+/- Abandoned ..] oh and more recently App Launcher

    I’ll still use it, but it look like the the code name “Stars” And i remember 3 differents bookmarking solution they pushed out of the door. It’s not Yahoo here, Google have money to keep these projects online. They don’t have to update or improve them.

    So if i start using Google Saves it dangerously look a lot like one of these projects that Google try and then try to erase all trace of it when they feel it’s not doing well.

    • Iiari

      Exactly. As much as I drink the Google Cool-Aide and am plugged into the Google ecosystem, I’m super satisfied with Pocket. It’s cross platform, on and off-line, plays well with Google already, has a nice interface, and my account contains years of saved content already. If you like the Android app better than the Chrome App, the Android APK works via ARC Welder on Chrome OS. Bonus.

      • This is all true thx men

  • sekmo

    I’ll never leave my beloved Pocket! :-)

  • Travis Coble

    Yay, they got my tip!

  • Patrick Ha

    Used Pocket before – Googles clear edge is the search – it works fantastic compared to Pocket. Since I use Evernote for my offline – I have a new winner: Google Save

  • bananakabob

    So basically it’s Google Bookmarks but even less useful since there are no bookmarklets or apps or browser plugins.

    • Guy

      I believe they are going to axe bookmarks and use this

      • Toby

        Noooooooooo! :’-(

  • Works well, but it only saves a tagged link, not like Pocket which saves content. Pocket has a few drawbacks in that is a bit of a pain to search through. Yes Pocket has searching, but Google does have the legs on search. As a writer who does a lot of research, I like the Save to Google. Just a pity it doesn’t work off-line for those times when broadband takes a nose dive or, when I choose a cafe to work in that doesn’t have public wifi.

  • Toby

    Prefer the bookmarks extension to this tbh – when I want to bookmark something then I want it bookmarked, not saved to some other place.

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