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An official Chrome extension for Google’s new ‘Save’ bookmarking feature is available for download.

‘Save to Google’ is a new feature that the search giant has quietly rolled out in image search, allowing you to quickly stash images awayin one central location, and filter them by tags.

But this add-on takes the service one step further: you can ‘save to Google’ any content you come across in the browser, be it pictures or photos or blog posts like this one.

Think of it like Pocket for everything.

The official store description for the browser bolt-in puts it thusly:

Easily save interesting webpages to Google with the new Save to Google extension.

One-click save: Click the star to save webpages for later viewing. Easily navigate your saves via an intuitive visual UI.

One spot for webpages and Images: Your saved webpages and saved images from Google Image Search will live together at

In use, the ‘Save’ extension (and the accompanying web interface) use some of the smarts and flourishes that appeared in Stars, Chrome’s poorly received (and hastily reversed) bookmarking revamp.

You’ll find the Google Save extension available on the Web Store. It works on Linux, Mac, Windows and (of course) Chrome OS.

Save to Google Chrome Extension

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