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‘Training for Google Apps’ Is One Of Chrome’s Best Kept Secrets

Do you ever feel like you really don't know how to use certain Google apps properly? If so, check out this 'Training for Google Apps' Chrome extension.

31 July 2016

Google ‘Spaces’ Now Has an Official Chrome Extension

Want to get more out of Google Spaces? There's now an official Spaces extension for Chrome. It lets you share content to your groups whilst browsing.

17 May 2016

You Can Now Use Smartcards with Chrome OS

Chromebook owners can now connect smart cards and smart card readers to Chrome OS.

13 May 2016

Official ‘Save to Google’ Chrome Extension Now Available

An official Chrome extension for Google's new 'Save' bookmarking feature is available for download.

13 April 2016

Google Brings Chrome’s Old Bookmarks Manager Back

Google has relented to public pressure and brought Chrome's old bookmark manager back. If you liked the new tiled version, here's how you can get it back.

14 June 2015

Bed Time Browsing: Add a Night Mode to Chrome

If you like to browse the web in bed at night, Google's High Contrast Chrome extension is a must-have.

15 May 2015

Google’s Latest Chrome Extension Wants to Ask You Stuff

Google has launched a new Chrome extension to gather feedback from Chrome users.

12 May 2015

Install Google’s New Data Saver Extension for Chrome

Google's latest Chrome Extension is able to compress websites users visit before they're loaded in Chrome, helping speed things up and save on bandwidth.

25 March 2015

Google Translate for Chrome Adds In-Page Text Selection Translation

The Google Translate Chrome extension has been updated with a handy new in-page popover that makes translating short text selections faster than ever.

18 October 2014