In-article translation

The official ‘Google Translate’ Chrome extension has been updated with a new feature that makes finding a translation of text far faster.

Google Chrome already offers auto-detecting translation functionality built-in. When landing on a webpage not in your system language, an info bar prompt asking whether you would like to “view the page” in your native tongue will appear.

Super handy — but what happens when you come across a page that only contains a small snippet of text in a different language? Or you want to hear a specific word pronounced?

Google Translate Update

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Click this button to access translation features

Enter the latest version of the Google Translate Chrome extension.

With just a quick click you can translate a small section of text — no more needing to copy and paste it elsewhere, as Google explains:

“Simply highlight the text that you want to translate, and then click the Translate icon that appears. You can also right click and choose “Google Translate”. If you click the icon in the upper right of your browser window, with no text highlighted, you can translate the entire web page.”

To translate an entire page just click the Translation icon in the Chrome toolbar.

Install Google Translate

The updated Translate extension is available from the Chrome Web Store and runs on all desktop platforms, including Chrome OS.

Google Translate on Chrome Web Store

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