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View Your Chromebook Specs With System for Chrome

New app makes it easy to see device processor, memory and storage details

system chrome app

System running on OS X…

Put down the screwdriver and step away from the voided warranty: a new app makes it easy to view stats on the hardware inside your Chromebook.

Swatting up on the gear inside our computers is something some of us like to do from time to time. On Windows, Mac and Linux there are an ample array of apps able to relay in-depth system data on computer innards. But on Chrome OS the options are few and far between, meaning it’s easy to feel left out of the stat-race.

A new utility is looking to remedy this. The aptly named ‘System‘ is a small offline Chrome App that shows basic system hardware information in an easy to understand layout. It displays pertinent details like processor make, amount of installed memory, attached storage, display resolution and more.

It’s not solely limited to Chrome OS, though. System also supports Windows, Mac and Linux devices too. On all platforms it will show:

  • CPU speed, architecture, model and core count
  • Memory information 
  • OS version
  • Display information, including resolution and DPI
  • Internal and external storage details
  • Network adapters and IP addresses
  • Location (presumably in case you forget where you are)


While System isn’t (yet) a match for the in-depth profiling offered by Windows, Mac and Linux utilities, on Chrome OS it’s pretty much the only tool of its kind outside of the intimidating developer focused chrome://system page.

A few neat touches include realtime information on RAM usage and shows notifications when network connection drops, display resolution changes or external storage is attached or removed from the system.

Screenshot 2014-06-10 at 19.05.25

…and on a Chromebook

It’s not perfect, however. A number of Windows 8 64-bit users report that the incorrect architecture is shown for their OS, while Chromebook owners, including myself, have noticed that the internal SSD is not listed under the ‘Storage’ pane.

Also worth being aware of: the anonymous user data collection option is ticked by default. If you’re a paranoid privacy pigeon you may wish to uncheck this.

Install System for Chrome

System is a free Chrome App available from the Chrome Web Store. It works on Chrome OS, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Install ‘System’ from the Chrome Web Store

  • slurivariv

    Been using this on my Chromebook since I got it. Love it.

  • NickS
  • HossUK

    Reporting My 64 bit Windows 8.1 as 32 bit????

    • Yeah, it seems to be a known issue, as we said in the article:

      “A number of Windows 8 64-bit users report that the incorrect architecture is shown for their OS”

  • Giovanni Panaro

    How does a Chrome app do this?

  • Eldaria

    Does not work on Linux either. Loads up the icon in the task bar but nothing shows up.

    • Smallwheels

      I need something like this for Elementary OS. The only system monitors for it are really poorly designed. Unfortunately I got the same result.

  • Christopher Love

    Thanks for the app review, I have been looking for something like this for a while now.

  • Marshall Staxx

    Ya know, I’m almost sorry to see this.

    The whole point of Chrome OS is that it’s simple and doesn’t make many demands on resources and hardware. The whole speeds, feeds, and specs frenzy over Haswell, RAM, ARM, or whatever kinda reminds me too much of Windows, which I left behind in 2007 and haven’t missed a bit.

    And all the spec wars in Windows PCs worked out so well, too…

  • kat

    Someone please help ive been trying to download app from chrome a add blocker I cant get it to work

    • netsurfer912

      what are you trying to say?

  • Nicolae Crefelean

    “Send anonymous usage data” is enabled by default, which sucks. The app doesn’t say a word about WHAT kind of usage data it sends away.

    For an app with access to my location, MAC addresses and other info, I find this disturbing.

    Other than that, I found it working well on my Linux Mint 13. The CPU is reported as 4 processors instead of 2 cores and 4 threads, but that’s fine.

    • Ian Jackson

      The permissions for Android and Chrome are very broad so saying you need location could be to test if you have GPS chip possibly, and MAC addresses for the network spec, where it shows your comp’s local IP.