new features in chrome's camera web app

Google’s Chrome camera app has been updated with new features.

Following a major overhaul of its interface late last year, developers have added a countdown timer and multi-shot snap mode in the latest release.

Useful Additions

‘The timer function is the feature most folks will be excited to see arrive.’

Sitting alongside a decent set of photo filters, a streamlined interface and an interactive gallery for viewing saved snaps, the new features will fit right in.

The timer function is the feature that most folks will be excited to see arrive. When taking a selfie with a webcam – don’t be embarrassed, we all do it from time to time – you want to look good, and the best way to do that is to be prepared. A few seconds of grace means fewer startling sudden captures and more relaxed-looking mugshots.

Not everyone one will appreciate a delay in photo snapping so it’s great to see that it’s been made optional. A toggle in the UI will allow one to turn it on and off with a quick click or finger tap.

If you want more than one snap to choose from, a quick hit of the burst button will shoot three shots at once. Handy if you’re in a hurry, or looking particularly silly! 

Rounding out the changes are three new photo effects: Photo Lab, Ghost and Modern.

New Filkters
photo lab, ghost and modern photo filters in action

If you don’t yet have it you can jaunt on over to the Chrome Web Store and grab it for free.

Install ‘Camera’ From Chrome Web Store

Originally published January 8th; updated January 28 to reflect web-store rollout 
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