The Google Chromecast will launch in the UK this Wednesday, March 19, at 9am priced at £30. 

We’ve also learnt that Google has struck a deal with UK retailer DSGi (also known as DSG Retail, and Dixons Retail) to sell the media streaming device exclusively though its Currys PC World brand in the UK, both online and in-store.

As we revealed last week, stock has already begun arriving in a number of stores.

The Currys/PC World website is already providing inadvertent proof.

Chromecast Stock

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A separate source has also provided us proof of what they claim is a system entry confirming the launch date, describing it as the ‘official launch of the one of the biggest products this year from Google’.

If true, an announcement from Google confirming more details should precede it on Tuesday evening.

Image shared on twitter by an employee of Currys PCWorld

The announcement is also likely to reveal a number of UK-specific content partners, one of which is all-but certain to include the BBC’s iPlayer, with an APK tear-down of its most recent Android build revealing ‘casting’ support included in the code.

Other media apps rumoured/hoped to support the device on launch are Northen & Shell’s ‘Demand 5’ catch-up service for TV channel 5, BT Sport, and premium TV service Sky Go.

A number of third-party applications are already compatible with the device. The beta build of Google Chrome for Android recently gained experimental support for ‘casting’. 

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