What’s that horrendous sound? Why, it’s an alarm telling you that there are new Facebook notifications waiting to be read!

Personally, I can’t think of anything worse than audible aggravation from the world’s largest social network – though that’s largely because most of the notifications I get are spammy invites.

Audible Alarm for Facebook
Audible Alarm for Facebook

But I’m happy to concede that for many folks, maybe even for some of you reading this, keeping abreast of Facebook action is an addictive pastime.

Notification Sounds for Facebook is a free extension for Google Chrome that sounds a beep every-time you get a new notification on Facebook – regardless of whether you’re looking at Facebook or not.

If you’ve just posted some exciting news, event invite, photo, or are looking for social approval on your sudden change in relationship status, this extension will let you mill around on other sites without needing to continually check your Facebook tab to see if anyone’s noticed.

The drawbacks are that a) you have to keep Facebook open for it to work, and b) you have to add a special ‘bookmarklet’ to your Bookmarks Bar before it will work.

But if none of that sounds like too much fuss you can grab the add-on from the Google Chrome Web Store by hitting the link below.

 Notification Sounds for Facebook Extension

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