Google Drive has been live for just short of a month but there are already an impressive number of web-apps making use of it.

But how do you find them?

The easiest way is to look out for the ‘Drive’ emblem on app tiles in the Chrome Web Store. This small icon denotes that the web-app works with Google Drive – in some form or another.

Chrome webapps supporting google drive

You can browse Drive-supporting apps only via the Drive Apps collection on the Chrome web store.

Google Drive Web Apps Collection

5 Google Drive Enabled Web Apps

Not all Drive-enabled web-apps are equal. Some offer the full glut of features, including the option to open, save, sync and share files in your Google Drive.

Others are lighter on integration, offering nothing more than a way to ‘open’ a file from Google Drive but no way to export it back without manually downloading and re-uploading it.

8Reader is a good example of a web-app with light Google Drive integration. It lets you easily find and open .mobi eBooks stored in your Google Drive for easy in-browser reading. Nothing more, nothing less.

For video editing try Pixorial Video. Once installed and authorised with your Google Drive account all of your videos show up instantly ready for editing. Finished videos can be exported back to Google Drive, too.

Aviary for Google Drive adds an option to open image files stored on your Drive with a simple, but well featured, image editor. 

Do you have a favourite Goole Drive web-app? 

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