The New Acer ChromebookAcer’s new Chromebook will include a touchscreen, it has been reported.

Word comes courtesy of Fredrik Linnander, a Google Apps Certified Specialist from Swedish company Online Partners, who recently got a ‘hands on’ with the device.

According to Linnander, Acer’s Haswell-powered 11.6″ Chromebook – the C720 – will be available in as many as 5 configurations, one of which will include a touchscreen.

A model with 4GB of RAM and a 32GB SSD will also be on offer, as will options with 3G.

“The most expensive model will retail at a maximum of $545 USD.”

But what about price? Will a touchscreen-toting Chromebook see the devices edging back to their old, less-attractive prices?

Again, Linnander says not. A rep he spoke to said that the most expensive model – presumably touchscreen, 4GB, 32GB SSD and 3G – will retail at a maximum of $545 USD.

That’s not a bad price for quite a powerful model, and bodes well for the pricing of those that come without the extras.

Would a touchscreen Chromebook tempt you?

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