Unicode is a small Chrome app lets you search, copy and paste from 27,000 Unicode characters, including Emoji. 

Ideal for Chrome OS, Linux and Windows (Mac OS X features an inline palette that can be opened pressing Ctrl + Cmd), the tool offers up an organised array of pictographs, emoticons, punctuation and much, much more.


A search box allows you to filter through to find the character you’re looking for quickly:

Search from over 27,000 characters
Search from over 27,000 characters

Clicking on a character will instantly copy it to the system clipboard, ready to paste elsewhere, e.g., in an instant message, tweet, blog comment sections, etc.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 15.40.46

The app remembers the five most recently copied characters and lists them available at the top of the window.

If there was a criticism to be had it’s that, with more than 27,000 character to pick from, browsing and results are often difficult to sift through.

An option or filter to setting to only show the sorts of character sets you use, like emoji, and exclude those you don’t, like extended punctuation, could make things far more manageable.

Install Unicode from the Chrome Web Store

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