30% year-on-year rise predicted for Chromebooks

Digitimes Research predicts that Windows 10 is ”…unlikely to make any dramatic change to the competition between notebooks, tablets and smartphones in 2015,” despite Microsoft’s new ‘unified OS’ vision.

The industry watching arm of the popular, if not always entirely reliable Digitimes blog, suggests that while Microsoft is on course to see small rises in the number of phones and tablets running its software it will “not be able to stop Chromebooks’ aggressive penetration” in the notebook sector.


Chromebook prices are expected to drop further this year — possibly under $170 — as more devices appear on the market from more vendors, increasing competition and demand.

Digitimes Research forecasts that global Chromebook shipments will grow 30% over last year to reach nine million units, a buck in its forecast of a 3 percent drop in overall global notebook shipments (which includes Windows).

And this rosey outlook for Google’s cloud-centric OS come despite Microsoft’s attempt to woo hardware manufacturers with low-cost licensing for its Windows software.

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