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You Can Now Access Samba Shares on a Chromebook

Image: Chrome Web Store

Setting up a Samba share in Chrome OS

A new Chrome extension finally brings native Samba share support to Chromebooks and other Chrome OS devices. 

The free add-on allows SMB and CIFS file systems to be mounted and accessed directly through the Chrome OS File Manager app.

Remote files and folders can be opened, edited and deleted through the file manager as both read and write support is fully baked in.

LM, LMv2, NTLM and NTLMv2 authentication protocols are supported. Authentication by domain is not supported, neither are encrypted network shares, NetBIOS over TCP and anything that isn’t using a unicode character set.

Accessing network file shares and third-party cloud storage services is increasingly easy in Chrome OS. Dropbox, One Drive and Box are supported, as are SFTP and WebDav shares.

The Chrome File System Provider API is to thank. This API allows pretty much any network file system to be integrated into the Chrome OS file manager.

Install SMB/CIFS File System Provider from Chrome Web Store

  • Yossihn Hayoun

    Excelent! At last I can connect easily with my Western Digital mycloud!!!
    All the best Yoshiro!!

    • Bcks

      This is what I’m trying to do! Do you have any instructions you could share? Mine just isn’t working.

  • Luca Ironman Del Signore

    not working at all. shame on you google

    • william moran

      Seriously that’s your comment? You should check your facts before making such negative statements, this app is not made by Google.

    • It’s being updated on a near daily basis right now and lots of bugs and quirks are being ironed out. If it doesn’t work one day, it might the next.

  • Matthew Quinn

    Anyone have any links as to how to use this app? Im unable to access SMB shares running from some QNAP NAS devices. Is there any AFP apps out there also?

    • In short it should be as simple as installing > opening the SMB app from the launcher > filling in the ‘mount a new server’ page > hitting mount.

      If that doesn’t work (i.e. error) it could be a host of reasons for me to say “oh you need to do {x]”.

      The developer does appear to be updating the app on a daily basis right now definitely check the change-log on the Chrome Web Store page to see if you spot anything relevant.

  • Paul McCarthy

    Using my Chromebook and Android devices as a support devices at work gets better each month

  • Jered Schmidt

    It works great for my seagate central which is only available through network access. I haven’t been able to connect to Windows workgroup yet. I’m not sure if the settings are different. It would be nice if the network scanner worked like androids es file manager does. This was one of the last things tying me to a Windows pc. I will still try Windows 10, but I won’t pay for Windows apps when Google has them for free.

    • Joaquin Avila

      Hi Jered,
      I’m trying to get my segate central to work on chromebook as well. Do you have any special instructions on how to get this going?
      The app tells me the share is mounted and it shows on the left. But I cant get the share to open.

  • Jeff Smith

    Working Great here for Windows Shares! Thanks, been waiting for this :)

  • Big Dave

    Can we/you please ‘sticky’ this post so that is eas(ier) to find in the future? Thanks in advance

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  • logical

    man, can’t get it to access my windows 7 shared folder

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  • sabocn

    works with active directory domain accounts so long as the domain name is in ALL CAPS..question to remove a share once connected?

    • sabocn

      okay..found it – within Files – rightClick and select Close.

  • Paul Hedley

    where does the app mount the drive? I’m investigating whether I can make it visible inside my crouton chroot.

  • Mordalo

    It’s buggy. There’s been a CIFS bug in it since November 2015 preventing it from accessing an Apple Time Capsule (the main reason why I’d want it…I’ve one for a router and use it for file storage). When it’s working, I’ll give it another try. Until then, I’ll have to pass.