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15-inch Acer Chromebook Hits Amazon UK for £249

Acer C910 Chromebook 15.6The 15.6-inch Acer Chromebook is available to pre-order in the UK from Amazon.

The listing is for a base model powered by an Intel Celeron processor (Broadwell), 2GB RAM and a roomier-than-usual 32GB SSD.

There is no mention of IPS (something the base models don’t offer) but it will include Acer’s ComfyView technology to reduce glare and improve viewing angles.

Acer plans to offer their enlarged Chromebook in a range of models, some will features IPS displays, some will offer touchscreens, others will pack in more memory.

US pre-orders for some of those models, most notable those featuring IPS displays have been available for a few weeks at online stores like B&H Video.

For now this is the only listing of this much hyped device available on Amazon UK where it is priced at £249 and has an estimated release date of 20 May 2015.

Want in? You’ll find more details at the link below.

Pre-Order Acer Chromebook CB5 on

  • The Chrome Android

    $249 in the U.S. and £249 in the UK. Not a good way to get UK buyers on side as the current exchange rate is $1 to 65p.

    • rumah makann

      Blame your queen for demanding extra tax for the kingdom. Other country just pay tax to the country and not to royal family

      • The Chrome Android

        Not really an issue. Even though I am not a Royalist, even I do not mind paying 56p a year towards her. I think various States in the U.S. pay more local taxes than that.

      • dourscot

        Nothing to do with the Queen – it’s VAT sales tax tax, currently 20 percent. But the vendors also hedge against currency changes with a healthy profit.

        • rumah makann

          I believe the queen family got 7% out if 20% of the VAT?

          • Graham Brand

            Have you got a source for that? I’m unaware that the monarchy receives money specifically from VAT. On the contrary, they pay VAT:


          • rumah makann

            I remember my australian friend telling me that quen of england got money from australian govt. too.

          • Graham Brand

            The monarchy’s supported through taxation, to the tune of £36m (56p per person) per year – and brings in a lot of revenue through tourism to offset that – but it’s not specifically from VAT.

            VAT brings in over £100bn per year to the UK Treasury. The £36m cost of the monarchy would represent just 0.036% of the VAT revenue. It’s not going to add a lot to the cost of a Chromebook. ;-)

          • rumah makann


    • Hey Hey Lets Go

      Ah but dont forget, the US pay tax at the till.. so the $249 is without tax, when they checkout online or got to the till in the shop, the cashier adds on the tax! … an example is the ps4, its $400 and €400 … but €400 is about $440… :)

      • Joe Pierce

        Not every state in the US pays sales tax.

  • dourscot

    Prefer the new C740 – 15 inch Chromebooks are too big to carry around.

    • rumah makann

      The good thing with CB were you can have both CB. One for home/office use. One for travelling, and the data will be synchronized.

  • Jonatan Andersson

    Is it likely that there will be a Chromebook with Exynos 7420 in the near future ?

    • Mobile_Dom

      we havent heard anything, but it would be mighty interesting

      • antonetteclark

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  • Zactu

    Come on, 2GB ram is an insult in 2015.

    • Joe Pierce

      It’s a Chromebook. 2GB of ram is just fine for a web appliance.

      • toomuchgame441

        nah… 4GB minimum… 2GB nowadays is laughable for ChromeOS

        • Joe Pierce

          Why? Mine’s 2GN and has absolutely zero problems keeping up with anything.

  • I am an old Windows person recently converted to the Chromebook. I started with the 11.6 inch screen and loved it until I started realising that it was a touch small occasionally. I always wanted to use the 13.3/14 inch and now that I got the HP14 (14 inch screen), I can tell you that I am extremely happy with this size. Agreed that it is not as portable as 11.6 inch, but it is still a decent size.

    As far as the 15.6 inch screen size is concerned in the Chromebooks, I can not justify that. To me personally, it is just too big for a Chromebook. Not interested, sorry.

    I think 14/13.3 inch screen size with thinner bezels is an ideal balance between size and portability.

    • Josh Davis

      True, I’d prefer if this was 14″. But this is the first affordable Chromebook available with a 1080p IPS display and a processor faster than Bay Trial. I can’t wait to get one.

  • Josh Davis

    So the question remains… When is it available in the US?

  • tablet_surfer

    I wouldn’t hold your breath on these in UK. No one has any IPS screen Chromebooks in stock anywhere and I wouldn’t buy a non-IPS Chromebook now (i’m lucky to have a FHD Toshia Chromebook 2).

    I’d expect July/August at the earliest for any higher-spec models worth buying.

  • tiamat2009

    I wouldn’t pay more than 100 for this

  • Guest

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