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The First Chrome PC From Acer Announced Priced at $180

acer chromebox reverse

Acer’s first Chromebox

Remember reading that a new Chromebox made by Acer was on the way? Well, today the computing giant has made it official.

After making a brief appearence in a leaked company ‘solutions’ brochure last month, today’s formal reveal gives us a chance to learn more about the ‘Acer Chromebox CXI’ — the company’s first desktop PC running Chrome OS.

Set to go on sale later next month in the US at a starting price of $180 it is being aimed, primarily, at education and business customers — something underlined by the inclusion of a Trusted Platform Model (TPM) security chip.

Acer Chromebox Specifications

Specifications remain consistent with those of ASUS and HP Chromeboxes. The entry-level CXI comes kitted out with a peppy dual-core Intel Celeron 2957U (Haswell) processor running at 1.4GHz. This is paired with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of flash-based storage.

For expansion the device houses 4x USB 3.0 ports, including two with ‘power-off charging for smartphones and tablets’ and an SD card reader. There’s HDMI and DisplayPort out, ethernet, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity.

Acer is also (wisely) bundling in a mouse and Chrome OS keyboard combo.

Options for 4GB and 8GB of RAM and larger storage options will also be available.

“The Acer Chromebook CXI is an excellent fit for schools and any other institution or business where conserving costs and space are high priorities,”  Simon Hwang, the president of Acer Stationary Computing and Display Business Group says.

“Due to the ease of management, the Chromebox can significantly reduce technical support and consequently lower the total cost of ownership.”


The Acer Chromebox CXI is available to buy ‘leading retailers and resellers in the United States and Canada’, including Amazon. It’s priced from $179.99 (CA$199) for the base model, and $219.99 (CA$239) for the 4GB version.

Buy Acer Chromebox w/2GB (Bundle) on

Buy Acer Chromebox w/4GB (Bundle) on

We’ll be keeping a beady eye on the usual outlets, but if you happen to notice it go live before us — let us know! 

  • Can’t wait to get one of the 4GB models to go in the kitchen. Couple this with a nice monitor and a good recipe app and my wife will love it.

  • LeDisquser

    Would be great if it came with a monitor as well. Can’t wait to get my hands on this beauty as well. Acer seems to be ruling the Chromebook world so far.

    • Frederic MANSON

      I agree at 100%. A full desktop offer and all is good. I only need to know about the memory and the storage options: are they easy to change or are they eMMC??? The presence of the DP is a good choice for any Mac users. About the CPU, it’s a tiny tiny higher one than the 2955U. I think that an entry Chromebox should contain 4 gigs of RAM and a storage of 32 gigs. Not every user is connected all of the time on the web. Google should invest in more offline apps to beat Windows as a lambda OS. IMO.

  • ufish2

    coming to bestbuy soon i hope…219 for 4 g desktop running ubuntu,,hell yes…;)

  • Danish Rafiq

    The price is awesome, and looks like chromebox will replace Windows desktop machines very soon. I know that it won’t be done so quick, but hopefully very soon. Google definitely got potential to build a better Operating System just like Microsoft. The only plus point of Microsoft is that we are all use to of it.

    • LeDisquser

      Totally agree! It’s time for all of us to make the switch. Microsoft’s tyranny will soon come to an end.

      • Sebastien Terrie

        Because Google isn’t tyrannic ?
        They even own 8 military robot research&dev labs.. for those bypassing their EULA ? :D

        Just their choice to stop extensions within Chrome not going thru google store says enough, they have Apple policies and the biggest amount of data about users.
        The worst of two worlds.

        • LeDisquser

          I can only hope those robots will be targeted at Microsoft and competition in general :).

          You’re right though, however there’s less frustration and somehow I feel safer with Google. Maybe because of their ‘don’t be evil’?

          • LeDisquser

            And I just despise Microsoft for their whole ‘Scroogled’ thing and other stones thrown at Google – it’s just childish, immature behavior. I hope to get to see them buried.

          • Sebastien Terrie

            that I can understand :)

            It’s just that in this game the more you eat, the bigger you are, and more hungry you get… bah let’s see… they have at least some innovations that worthes their $$

      • LiamTHX

        I seriously wouldn’t recommend any Chrome device unless you ONLY use Chrome, and NOTHING ELSE AT ALL. Which I don’t think is even humanly possible.

        • LeDisquser

          Why is that? I do most of my work (reading, annotating, writing) on a Chromebook. The only reason I use a PC ocasionally is for Photoshop, Filezilla and Skype. That’s pretty much it. That could be solved with a powerful chromebook / chromebox that would run Linux properly.

        • If we look in the past when Google introduced Android, no one expected it to be at 51.5% Market share (July 2014) according to CNET. World changes dramatically, and Google is an achiever, we all know that. I’m not against any other company. I love MAC’s and Windows too. I’m an IT person and love to try different things. But the reality is, Google can possibly beat Windows.

    • othesick

      the only reason we all use windows instead of linux is because developers want to make their software for the largest consumer base which is the one that has 91% of the market share which is windows

  • ufish2

    i have a dell duo core with 2 drives one is win7 the other ubuntu..will keep the windows because u just need it for a few things(untill i get a good ubuntu setup going;) and i think i will use other drive for a server…so looking good Google/Chrome

  • shoryumike

    OH! *_*
    Form factor and design are just…hot!

  • Moin Alam

    I suggest that the key board should have the mouse pad too…. like logitech key board..then I can use with my TV

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    More than happy with my Asus CN60…the only issue has been that one of my 2 different types of DVI to HDMI adapters doesn’t seem to work…however it’s quite snappy, and has dual monitor support…