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Will Acer’s April Product Event Reveal a Chrome OS Tablet?

acer event flyerCould an upcoming press event from Acer herald the arrival of the first Chrome OS tablet?

Acer has issued press invites to an April 29 event in New York titled ‘A Touch More Connected’.

The first major product launch to be hosted by Acer’s new CEO Jason Chen, the company is excepted to use the platform to announce their North American product lineup for 2014.

While tablets, touch-enabled notebooks and more on their new Liquid E3 and Z4 Android smartphones are expected, some industry watchers are also predicting that the company will deliver something else — an announcement of some kind of wearable tech/fitness-tracking device.

But might we also be treated to something Chrome OS-powered?

Acer is, thus far, the only company to sell a touch-enabled Chromebook. And with sales of their Chromebook  C720x line of Chromebooks doing well there’s a possibility that an update or refresh could appear. Heck, there are certainly enough development boards being tested by Google for something to be in the offing from someone!

If Acer do drop a multi-coloured cloud-powered product I suspect it could be, as done by Lenovo, Chrome OS versions of existing Windows 8.1 devices, perhaps some kind of convertible tablet/notebook hybrid.

Could it even be a straight-up bona-fide tablet? The recent work on adding tablet-specific features to Chrome OS can’t have been for nothing, right?

Whatever the facts, we’ll only learn more as and when the event itself actually arrives.

  • Shouldn’t that be Acer and Google are the only companies to sell a touch-enabled CB…? ;-)

    • Dave Bush

      I was about to make the same comment, which I’m typing on my Chromebook Pixel :)

    • Doh! I totally forgot about the Chromebook Pixel! (Intentionally, otherwise I just cry in envy)

  • Kenny Strawn

    “Touch more connected” tagline sounds like a smartphone announcement to me… then again, I’m pretty sure Acer could also have Chrome and other devices up their sleeve as well.

    Who knows? Maybe Acer will end up making this year’s Nexus phone!

    • Erik Hinrichsen

      “More connected” could mean an LTE-enabled Chromebook.

      • Kenny Strawn

        You know what? Seems likely… Updating. An LTE-enabled C720P would definitely be an awesome addition to the lineup.

  • miri

    Doubt it.

  • Wesley Files

    I could hope!
    Google I/O is coming up, so I could also guess Google might want to save any updates to Chrome OS for a tablet form for the event.

    But really, Acer is free to put Chrome OS on any device they want, when they want, right?

  • Boothy

    I would live a Chrome/Android hybrid, but don’t expect one soon.
    But Chrome OS on a tablet??
    Just don’t see what it would offer over android, with the exception of fully featured Google Docs, which I’d probably want a keyboard and touchpad for anyway.

    • David

      I absolutely agree, I can’t stand typing out documents in the Drive apps, Android or otherwise, because the software keyboards are inefficient and hardware solutions are either too small for comfortable and “intense” typing or completely impractical (if you’re using a solution such as a full-sized Bluetooth keyboard). Maybe if a Chrome OS tablet shipped WITH an accessory with the Chrome keyboard and a full-sized touchpad, it would be a good option, but otherwise I think a Chrome OS tablet is a poor choice.

    • 3r0s

      As “Trnv -> Wildnorth” reply above, it’s because Android uses a lot of Dalvik (Java based) but Chrome OS is free of all Java burden.
      So Google will have a ready replacement in case Android is hindered by patent litigation and trolling.

  • thisguy

    well guess I will be saving my money to see if they will. I was trying to choose a chromebook but all the features I want are spread out on different chromebooks. HP 11 is glossy and everybody say the screen is awesome ( I think I’m talking about the right one ) but 11 inch is too small for me. HP 14 is bigger and colorful but not glossy ( i think ) if there is a chromebook tablet I will buy it!!!

    • Wesley Files

      The HP 14 screen is glossy, but it’s not an IPS panel which is what the HP 11 has. If you have a Best Buy nearby, they may have a Google kiosk with all the Chromebooks and Nexus devices, and the Chromecast. You can call ahead to be sure.

      That way you can get eyes and hands on with the current models.

      • thisguy

        Thanks! I will definitely go check that out

  • Wildnorth

    A Chrome tablet just doesn’t make sense……that’s what Android is for. A touch screen Chrome is a possibility…..but honestly, ergonomically, touch screen laptops are a silly idea.

    • Trnv

      If Oracle wins in its Android Java lawsuit which is currently in the Federal Circuit (highest possible court with no appeal to the US Supreme court). They can use it as bargaining chip to lower royalties as they can say we can switch to Chrome instead of paying Oracle large $$ for Java licensing.

      Defensive product, just in case, like how Samsung sells WP8 phones to keep Microsoft’s legal hounds at bay.

  • 3r0s

    Surely Google Chrome OS must compete with Mozilla Firefox OS for phones.
    And none of them are hindered by Java patents.

  • Jim

    Any idea how likely it will be for Acer to show a refresh of the Acer C720 or a better chromebook, not sure whether I should return it since i’m still in the 14 day period