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13-Inch ASUS Chromebook C300 Is Colorful, Fast and Cheap

The Chromebook you've holding out for may have just arrived...


asus c300 chromebook colors

ASUS has officially lifted the lid on its debut pair of Chromebooks, the ’12-inch’ C200 and the 13-inch C300.

Both models are powered by Intel Bay Trail-M processors, a choice that means you should get an impressive 11 hours of battery life under ‘typical use’.

It’s interesting that ASUS describe the C200 in their press blurb as a ’12-inch’ device as the screen (typically the point of reference) is actually 11.6-inches diagonal. Even at the reduced size it still maintains the same 1,366 x 768 resolution as the 13.3-inch C300.

And it’s the information on this latter model that most of you will be wanting to know about (we’ve written extensively about the specifications for the C200 over the last few weeks).

ASUS C300 Chromebook

As mentioned above, the C300 is powered by an Intel Bay Trail-M (N2830) @ 2.16GHz paired with 2GB of DDR3-L RAM**. A 16GB SSD and integrated Intel HD graphics round out the rest of the core specs.

An education model with 4GB RAM and 32GB flash storage will also be on offer through select resellers.

Style-wise the consumer model will be available to buy in a choice of colour options: red, yellow and blue. The dash of colour offsets the svelte, stylish design which is barely 20mm thick when closed.

There’s an “extra spacious touchpad” similar in size to those found in 14-inch notebooks, a chiclet-style keyboard and, uniquely, the support for the new 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi spec. HDMI-out, SD card reader and a pair of USB ports (1x 2.0, 1x 3.0) should take care of your extensibility needs.

Expected to hit retail next month priced at $249* for the C300 and, bizarrely, $249* for the C200. 

*Estimates based on current listings
**Not clear if 4GB is EDU exclusive
  • NateCress

    I can’t wait to try one of these guys out! Chromebooks are really starting to take off.

    • Gary Graf

      I just can’t wait until there’s a chromebook without any comprises. It seems like each one is missing something or each one does something better than others.

  • Celso Rodrigues

    The C300 has 4 GB of RAM? I thought only the education versions had that much RAM. Anyhow, if so, I will definitely wait for this one instead of buying the Samsung Chromebook 2.

    • Yeah, it’s not been made entirely clear at the moment. Based on the information given by ASUS, the listings already online and a retail sheet that was passed to us, there does *appear* to be a 4GB model being aimed at non-edu customers… But emphasis is very much on the “appear”. It could be that there was an error in the retail spec sheet, which is why sites like excaliburpc are listing it was 4GB RAM.

      • calden74

        We are getting a few demo models in a week time. In which I can then clarify in great detail of what can and cannot be done to the Asus C300. Though after talking with the Asus rep they have assured me that there is indeed two memory slots available. However he did say that 8GB was the maximum amount memory that has been *verified* to work but believes there shouldn’t be a problem with 16GB as there isn’t any physical hardware limitation to disallow that amount. We as in the bank I work for just purchased a large amount Chromeboxes from them, i3 and i7 models so we now have a good relation with Asus. They are now trying to get us to switch from HP to their ChromeBooks so we have been guaranteed 5 demo C300’s to be used as we deem fit. Which is great as they never asked for the i7 ChromeBox they gave to us a couple months back, which is now sitting in my living room where I hope one of these C300’s will land as well, sssshhhhh.

        • Ken-Ree Choong

          Plz tell me if they are any good. The only thing which I find is bad about Chromebooks is the space avaliable, as I would dual boot it with Ubuntu. If not, I might have to resort to get like a Hp Pavilion x360 instead of an Asus C300!

          • calden74

            Those are pretty neat, I especially like the red. Make sure your able to install Linux on it though, a lot of these Windows tablets and hybrids have a very secure firmware with UEFI. I would really look into getting a used X201T, its the tablet version of the X series, has a touch screen, i5, capable of installing 16GB, easy to replace parts, unbreakable and you can install anything you want it, even ChromeOS.

          • Ken-Ree Choong

            im looking for an 11.6″ or at the max 13.3″ as I also am gonna use it for typing in school

    • calden74

      Education model is 4GB and the consumer model is 2GB. Who cares though as memory is cheap and there are two slots available. A memory kit containing 2 4 GB 1333 SODIMM’s can be had for as little as 70 on Amazon, I would buy one 4GB module for about 40 then just add another when you need it.

  • Ben

    Can’t find an official press release confirming the 4GB/32GB specs. Any Intel ?

  • Very nice!

    I would pay a bit more for a touchscreen, though – it’s just so natural to adjust page position by moving it around directly.

    • Steve

      I’ve been extremely impressed with the touchscreen capabilities of my Acer C720P Chromebook — love it! It has become my new digital sketchbook. I prefer it to my high res graphics tablet for concept sketching. Personally, I wouldn’t want a Chromebook at any price without touchscreen.

  • KC69

    4GB of RAM for the C300 would seal the deal for me.

    • Ben

      You got that right. Don’t care about the screen resolution as long as 4GB are included.

      • Gary Graf

        Yeah, but it’s easier to switch out RAM compared to changing a screen. You could put in 16 GB of RAM if you want as I’m assuming there’s 2 slots.

        • Ken-Ree Choong

          I have got a feeling that 6GB ram is the maximum

          • calden74

            Why 6GB, where did that number even come from, even if 2GB was sottered on the motherboard, there is one free memory slot, wouldn’t it be 10GB then ? However this isn’t the case, there are are two SODIMM slots capable of handling a 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz memory module in each slot, even though Asus says it’s only capable of 8GB, I’m sure 16GB will work just fine. The CPU is 64BIT so I would defiantly also suggest using a Chromium OS 64BIT build, dumping the 32BIT Chrome OS, it’s easy to build yourself but there are also many prebuilt Roms available. You can can also easily find a 16GB 1333 SODIMM kit for around 100 bucks, even as low as 60 on eBay.

          • Ken-Ree Choong

            Im sure that I read somewhere that it would be 6 GB ram… I think that it was the Promevo blog but im not sure. If 8 gb or 16gb of ram is possible. that would be great, i probs would go for the 8gb ram as thats cheap

          • calden74

            Memory is defiantly your friend, never and I mean never buy a machine with less than 4GB of RAM, especially a ChromeBook, 8GB is defiantly the ideal size. I don’t know why manufactures are taking Googles minimum memory size of 2GB and making it the dafacto size but it really needs to stop. So is soldering memory onto the motherboards, stay away from notebooks that have this.

  • Wesley Files

    I think people are overestimating to some degree, the Bay Trail used here, but the 13 inch option sounds great. Hopefully the decreased thickness means it will be fanless which the C200 is not (according to Promevo’s review).

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Why is it so hard to make a BLACK version? That is the sole reason why I am not even counting HP 14 as a possible option, for example

    • Ricky Olivarez

      on Asus announcement website, they show a silver/black model for the c200 and an all black model for the c300

      • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

        Oh, they do? Well, that’s great then

        • calden74

          Hahahaha!!!! To cute……

      • Tyler

        My fingers are crossed that this is still the case – because they don’t show the colorful versions, and this article makes it sound like black doesn’t exist. I hope ASUS didn’t change course at the last second.

    • Anonymoused

      Literally the only reason, besides the IPS screen, that I have the HP 11. Glorious black!

  • moe

    for that price, i think Asus is doing good, Maybe in the future they can add more features but for their first chromebook i like that they started off strong, 4 Gb ram and 32 Hard drive and with a good processor as well. When compared to some other chromebooks they seem a bit over priced so good job Asus.

  • JP

    It seems to me that Chromebooks are still largely inheriting netbook-era design decisions. Screen size and resolution limitations were set by Microsoft licensing terms, and we’re still living with them for the most part! While I laud the 13 inch screen, anything less than HD at that size is archaic.

    I may be alone in thinking $400 for the same device with a better screen is a good deal… but I don’t think I am.

    • Then you should check out the new Samsung Chromebook 2, with a 13.3″ HD screen for $400. It includes 4 GB of DDR3 memory, 16 GB of embedded flash storage (with the usual 100 GB of Google Drive storage) and a microSD slot; a 720p Webcam; and HDMI out, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, headphone and mic ports. Sounds made to order for you! :-)

      • JP

        Absolutely! I only wish it had an Intel processor — and I’m not a huge fan of the faux-leather cover.

        What I really wish is that Google would update the pixel. It sounds like I’m SOL on that one though.

        • Anonymoused

          Saw one in stores — want to mention that while the faux-leather doesn’t look the best (in photos, anyway; in person it’s so-so), it FEELS amazing. It feels great when you lift it!

          • calden74

            Samsung’s design team really needs to get out more and see what people actually like. I know for a fact the leather idea came from some executive, he probably wanted actual leather though and 3/4 through development they found the idea not to be cost affective and went with the plastic route instead. Real leather would have been awesome too, damn those high margin goals.

  • shoryumike

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Ariel Ancer

    I really hope this can be shipped out before June otherwise I’m going with a Dell Chromebook 11

    • Ariel Ancer

      Letdown,they’re only shipping end of June

  • sonicyoof

    Chromebooks can be colorful, fast, or cheap. Choose only three.

  • The Shirt List

    I wonder what the c300 weighs.

  • lol2050

    now we talking. ..the 13″ C300 is mine o mine :)

  • J Cav the Great

    This is what I was waiting for. the C300 is now the best bang for your buck with a 2.2 GHz processor and 11 hours of battery life…

    • dorisramsey

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  • Kenny Strawn

    This is yet another case of a Chromebook manufacturer failing to increase the resolution in proportion to the screen size… So far, Samsung (with their 13-inch CB2) is the only one who actually got it right on this front.

    • Efjay

      LOL, I’m sure you said that before with another machine :-). Personally I find 1366×768 pretty optimal for browsing, but point taken.

    • Ken-Ree Choong

      Yeh but, I prefer to stick with Intel Chips, not a fan of Samsung after owning one of their phones and two of their laptops, and not a fan of “faux leather”. I like this but yes i agree with you, the screen resolution should be better

  • “White is the best color for a notebook” are words that no one said. EVER!!! Not someone who frequently uses a notebook anyway…

    • Efjay

      Absolutely, I spent more time cleaning my old white Macbook and the iBook before that, than actually using the damn things.

    • Anonymoused

      I hate, hate, HATE white electronics with a passion. But I LOVE black or blue ones — so this blue with white accent may stay in my radar. Glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t approve of white notebooks!

  • Greatsrj23

    I just watched a video of someone from Asus talking about these two chromebooks at the google/intel event. He said they will be the exact same thing only different being the screen size and they will both start at $249.

  • More Chromebooks need to come down to Brazil. THIS Chromebook needs to come down to Brazil.

  • Ken-Ree Choong

    I really want this … Will help me a lot in School Next Year… just need to persuade my Mum.

  • calden74

    Ugh! Thank you professor Knowitall but as English is not my first or even second language I think you could have let it slide. I never understood why people find it necessary to correct others grammer or spelling when they fully understood the sentiment that was being conveyed.

    • Ken-Ree Choong

      Sorry, I never knew that English was not your first or even second language.
      Your english is great just wanted to help. If what you claim is true, i find it unbelievable that you have such a high level of vocab.

      P.S. There is another error here: … grammer is spelt grammar :D

      • calden74

        I went CalTech for four years in the 90’s.

        • Ken-Ree Choong

          Clap Clap …. Pretty Impressive … Im still at school!

          • calden74

            Nah, not really, it was 10 times easier getting into CalTECH then it was to our equivalent (I am from Switzerland) ETH in Zurich. Which funny enough I finally went to so I could finish off my masters, albeit 6 years later, though I was sponsored by UBS. I am now Director of Internal Programming for them, a long time coming position. We are moving a lot of our front office computers from traditional Dell machines to Chromeboxes. My influence, though we use them more as dumb terminals, using Citrix to connect to our Windows servers. A setup that works incredibly well for us the far, it’s even cheaper then buying an HP dumb terminal that doesn’t even have half of the computing power of a ChromeBox. The staff also really enjoy them as they are able to login into their Google Accounts without touching any of the banks internal systems. A God send to the system administrators, not only that but the maintenance for these machines couldn’t be easier. We also provide ChromeBooks to our traders and sales staff, we offer a few of them in our internal store, like the HP 14 for only 200 CHF, 250 dollars or so. In fact ChromeBooks are one of the few laptops that our staff are allowed to bring in and connect to the dirty network.

          • Ken-Ree Choong

            At the moment I do not own a Chromebook or a Chromebok. Can you tell me a bit on how they can be used for Programming? At the moment I use Ubuntu Linux on a broken rubbish laptop.

            P.S. U have a good job and went to a good university. I want to do the same and become a programmer or software engineer for big companies like Google. I think I want to go to Cambridge or Oxford in the UK as i got a scholarship to a really good school in the UK – Eton College … So yeh. Any how, thanks for all the replies.

          • calden74

            Programming on a ChromeBook is very easy, there are manymany wonderful online IDE’s like Cloud9 that offer everything you need to get started. The one thing you really need though is a webserver and site, which can be had for free now, even with PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python, FTP, etc. Though I recommend purchasing a fixed IP from your internet provider, registering a domain and doing it yourself. I bought a used Sun Fire T1000, 8 core CPU, 32GB RAM, 2 72 GB 10,000RPM drives for 130 dollars on eBay, you can get a less featured model for like 80 bucks. You need a good development server, this is a must and nothing beats a good Sun, then with Chrome OS your free to pick whatever IDE fits you best, try them all by going to Chrome Store. Then simply log into your server remotly and go to town. I even use my Nexus 10 with a MS Wedge keyboard and mouse combo to do a lot of my programming but a Lenovo X series with Arch Linux, NetBeans would ultimate.

          • Ken-Ree Choong

            Thanks for the Info, except sorry for sounding stupid and wasting your time, but i dont really get programming. Do you know any websites which explains this.

          • calden74

            Oooh that’s a tough question, it really depends on what your goal is. Online, mobile, desktop, server, etc. Here is a link to my eBook collection on my OneDrive, check out the O’reilly section.

          • Ken-Ree Choong

            How about this, Online,mobile and desktop. In my tech career so far: I have created websites – 2 published, a few web apps which aren’t published, and basic apps for phones. Also i am making a high graphic game using CryEngine

          • calden74

            Cool, I wouldn’t use the CryEngine though, to many rights concerns. Checkout what Unity has to offer, mobile gaming is were it’s at, PC gaming is dying a slow death. Do you know PHP?

          • Ken-Ree Choong

            No, i dont know PHP. Im using CryEngine as its free for the SDK at the mo. UDK is now sadly a £20 per month subscription and Unity is not as powerful as CryEngine. The game should have an ultra high graphic mode which might melt a Chromebook!

          • calden74

            It’s not all about graphics though, Unity is a more than capable graphic engine. Don’t try to start with the best out there but with what makes the most sense in terms of deleiverying an enjoyable and viable product that can be used on multiple platforms. The CryEngine is to specific on its high requirements and your accomplishments will only be seen by a select few that can meet them. Go mobile, develop a Android or iOS game first, then move on to better and bigger things. There is also the new Unreal engine which is free to use, their SDK is also pretty incredible and you’ll learn OpenCL in the process. Did you check out my eBooks?

          • Ken-Ree Choong

            The Unreal engine is now £20 per month … subscription I think according to my friend. However, i have already made a pixel style retro game for pc. The Ebooks are pretty handy, i have bookmarked the page for future reference!

          • Ken-Ree Choong

            hello again, Do you know how I can save your O’Reilly FIle into my personal OneDrive .. It would be very helpful and may I ask, where did u get them?

          • Ken-Ree Choong

            Also Chromebooks are still too expensive for my parents liking!!!

          • calden74

            Really, I don’t think there is a cheaper computer on the market. Just buy used, eBay is filled with second hand and refurbished laptops on the cheap. I would skip the ChromeBook and buy a used Lenovo ThinkPad X201 or above. They can be had for around 250 bucks and are perfect machines for Linux, Chromium OS, Chrome OS, Unix etc. Yep, you can install Chrome OS on another laptop, you just need the Chrome directory from a ChromeBook copied over so you can have all of the media codecs.

          • Ken-Ree Choong

            I probably am gonna for a HP Pavilion x360 as it has a 500 gb hard drive but on Chromebooks, is it easy to replace the SSD as in England the Sandisk SSD’s are cheap. I think they are 2.5″ and a 128 gb one is like 50 GBP.

  • Tyler

    Please tell me it will still come in black. The one on ASUS’s website looks awesome. These look fun, but black is way more versatile.

  • Richard Humphrey

    I am curious about the fascination. They seem to have a lower performance score than Acer 720. Am I missing something.

    • Carlos

      The two reason I want one is because of the long battery life, it doesn’t get warmer than room temp from overuse. I really wanted the Acer 720 but I am picky about my keyboards, hopefully the Asus keyboard won’t be terrible or I will be back to square one haha

    • Dennis Lockhart

      I like having the larger screen…

  • robert dunmeyer

    I like the yellow one.

  • Lortivar

    Does either the C200 or C300 feature user-replaceable RAM or SSDs?

    • That is why I originally bought my Acer C7. Now I’ve got 8GBs of RAM in it. Lovin’ it! But I would love to have a new machine. Hopefully someone will make one that can be upgraded.

  • freechelmi

    Too bad they cannot do such great products with Ubuntu and the same support level as google provides

    • Coo

      I believe you can install ubuntu on these devices, either as a dual boot machine with chrome Os, or just an Ubuntu machine. That is what I am planning to do.

    • jason_darrow

      These should run linux no problem. Would be awesome if they released Windows drivers.

  • t4exanadu

    Now I’m torn. I was going to buy an HP Chromebook 14 (the Ocean Turquoise one is gorgeous, though I do like that light blue C300) in the Fall, but the specs on this C300 make it seem superior to the HP 14 in every way (sans the RAM, the HP 14 has 4GB). The downside? I have an ASUS laptop and it’s been nothing but a headache since I bought it, (hugely regret that purchase…. various hardware issues). So, that doesn’t inspire a lot confidence in the quality of the C300. Everyone I know who bought the HP Chromebook has raved about it, too. Ultimately, it will probably come to price for me unless I hear overwhelming positive reviews about the C300 by September.

  • t4exanadu

    Does anyone know when ASUS will ship the other colors? Amazon only offers the very plain black one atm.

  • Diana Diaconescu

    Seems things are not going to plan with the c300… No colors and even the black one is offered sparsely with widely different pricing.

    I will buy the HP if Asus is not offering.

  • mad

    Mine is red and it just shut off one day and will not turn on. it wont charge and i dont know what to do with it. it isnt the charger. i just got it for christmas and my family is gonna be mad at me.

    • Greeneyez

      Did you ever figure out what was the issue

  • jack

    If your thinking of buy to boot linux…don’t the custom firmware prevents it, whether on accident or on purpose. I’m sure there is a workaround, but its not worth it…get the Acer worked out of the box no problems.

    • victoria

      that’s not true. I’m running linux on my c300 right now.