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Full Specifications of ASUS C200 Chromebook

Asus C200

The ASUS C200 Chromebook

Waiting to learn even more about the upcoming ASUS C200 Chromebook? No need to be patient; full specifications for the device have been revealed in an official sales sheet. 

The device, which is expected to retail later this month at around $300, features a dual-core Intel Bay Trail mobile processor (N2830) clocked at 2.16GHz.

The 11.6-inch glossy screen at a resolution of 1366×768.

Base specification includes 2GB of low-voltage DDR3L RAM by default. DDR3L memory generates less heat and uses less power, both features which add to the impressive battery life touted by ASUS. As the RAM is soldered on to the motherboard it is not expandable.

Onboard integrated Intel GMA HD graphics should provide adequate power for handling the interface, HD content and light gaming with relative ease.

Storage-wise you won’t be squeezing your entire collection of Community and Parks and Recreation onto it. Like virtually every other Chromebooks, the C200 comes saddled with a functional, if easy to fill, 16GB eMMC flash drive.

As you’d expect of any laptop these days there is a built-in front-facing HD webcam positioned above the screen.

For connectivity, there’s Bluetooth 4.0, 1x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0, an audio combo jack, HDMI out, built-in SD Card Reader and a SIM card slot. 

While there’s no ethernet port ASUS is touting support for the new, faster Wi-Fi 802.11ac specification — making it only the second Chrome OS device to ship with it.

To round things out there is a chiclet style keyboard and a large trackpad. And when ASUS say ‘large’ they do mean it. The pointing device is the same size as that used in the company’s 14-inch Windows notebooks.

When it comes to Chrome OS customisations we know that the device is to ship with a custom OEM wallpaper (as all recent Chromebooks do) and comes preloaded with an App List folder containing a solitary web shortcut to the ASUS registration page.

All of the above is packed into a chassis barely 0.8-inches thick when closed and weighs a mere 2.5Ibs. With a 10 hour battery pack and a decent processor, the C200 has the potential to become a big hit.

Finally, as for price, it’s rumoured to be hitting retail later this month at somewhere around $290 based on previous listings, though Promevo now lists the device for $249.

  • bozzykid

    I really hate that crapware is starting to come with the latest Chromebooks. Sure, they aren’t major and some are just links but I think it is not helping the overall experience of using a Chromebook.

    • Nathan Alan Gill

      I have the bottom of the line chromebook and absolutely love it. Asus c720. No problems!

      • calden74

        First, their all links, not some, all, so you can simply just delete the icon in the app tray, not a big deal here guys. You can also do a PowerWash after the first boot up and it will give you a clean Chrome OS build.

  • Jon A.

    Those bezels, though…

  • Nathan Alan Gill

    FYI typo error: “To round things out there i a chicklet style keyboard and a large trackpad.” (is)

  • pmug

    This model is already available for pre-order as of today:

  • spacey

    Hmmmmm… ..$100 too much.

  • r4in

    “N” series of Intel processors is a joke compared to older “U” one(Atom x Intel Core), still better then ARM, though. Aaand why glossy display? It’s not IPS, touch or anything, they should have saved money on glass.

  • Ivan Henrique Tavares Pauletti


  • Dub J

    I was really looking forward to the Asus chromebook but this effort is late to the party with lackluster specs, at best. This would have been great if they’d released it a year ago.Disappointed.

  • sonicyoof

    Glossy?!?!?!? Nooooooooooooooooo……………..

  • JusticeL

    On CNET they announced that the C300 will have the same resolution as the C200. How horrible is that? They also said outside of the larger screen size all other specs are the same.

  • Dan

    And probably cost 3 times as much.

    • Fred .

      Nope, I got the Nexus 5.
      It’s about the same price.

  • No ethernet port is a deal breaker for me. Looks like I’ll be sticking with my C7. I’ve slapped 8GB of RAM in it so it’s a speedy little fella anyway.

  • jhb

    my Asus C200 comes with 4g ram and 32G flash drive for $249