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HP Chromebook 11 Pulled From Sale Due to Overheating Charger Issue

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The HP Chromebook 11

A number of leading retailers have pulled the new HP Chromebook 11 from sale – barely one month after it launched.

The online stores of Amazon, Best Buy, Google and HP are no longer listing the item as available for sale. The former pair have also removed all information about the device from their websites.

In addition to halting online sales, Best Buy has also gone a step further by issuing a memo to its retail store managers instructing them to “stop selling” the device “effective immediately”.

So what gives?

Charger Overheating

“…customers should not use the original charger provided…”

In a statement issued by both companies they confirm that they are, indeed, “pausing sales” of the Chromebook 11 as a direct result of complaints about damage to chargers “due to overheating during use”.

While no formal course of action for existing owners has been given, the companies say that they are :

“…working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to identify the appropriate corrective action, and will provide additional information and instructions as soon as we can.”

HP  and Google are recommending Chromebook 11 owners to not use the charger provided with their devices. As it uses micro-USB for charging anyway, owners should at least have plenty of phone chargers around to keep their Chromebooks chugging along safely.

  • S. Murphy

    At least its only hardware and not software related. Are they doing a recall?

    • bozzykid

      I’m guessing that is what they are doing now is setting up the recall system.

  • Justin

    I just saw one in store at Best Buy last week. Very strange for Google to get rid of all of them immediately. I even got an email introducing new Chromebooks and listing the Chromebook 11 yesterday

    • bozzykid

      It’s not that strange. When dealing with a potential hazard like this, the manufacturer has no choice (they don’t want to deal with the consequences of the consumer groups).

    • Zack Casey

      How is it strange to recall a malfunctioning product?

  • tyleregeto

    This device was suppose to launch in Canada last Friday (Nov 8th) and it never did, and Google never commented on it.

  • Dean

    Some people are reporting they’ve been contacted by HP and it’s because of the power supply getting too hot. They suggest to stop using it until they figure out what to do.

    • Sam Tran

      Thanks, we’ve updated the article with information provided to The Verge.

  • shadowguy14

    Figures. When you let HP do something they do it wrong.

  • Nick Gustoff

    Will they refund the devices? I can’t find my receipt… but does that matter in a recall?

  • Nick Gustoff

    Does recall mean they will refund all the devices? Caaaaaaause I don’t have the receipt, like anywhere.

    • Vincent Pascal Stavleu

      just buy an android charger and there isn’t a problem anymore

  • Demetry

    Why are they recalling the whole chromebook if just the charger is defective. Just replace my charger for free when you have a solution.

  • DanielDX

    HP has always made low quality devices. Only people that have no clue what they’re getting would buy their stuff.