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Chrome 32 Hits Stable With Tab Indicators and Refreshed Metro Mode

After moving into beta a couple of months ago, Chrome 32 has finally made it to the Chrome Stable channel.

Freshly promoted to stable, Chrome 32 brings with it a beta preview of Supervised Users. The new feature aims to provide parents with the tools they need to secure, review and limit web content that can be accessed by other users.

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting tab indicators, Chrome 32 brings a number of them to your tab bar. If you’ve ever found yourself franticly clicking through dozens of tabs in dozens of windows just to find the one page with an audio ad interrupting your music, the audio indicator will quickly point out which tabs are outputting sound.

tab indicators in chrome

Audio indicator introduced in Chrome 32.

This won’t work universally – e.g., with plugins using NPAPI, like Silverlight and the standalone version of Flash – but should go a long way regardless. In addition to audio indicators, Chrome 32 also has indicators for webcam state and to show a tab being cast to a Chromecast device.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 20.28.41

Chrome letting you know your webcam is in use.

Windows 8 users on the Stable channel will finally be getting their hands on the revamped Chrome OS-like Metro Mode. The new look lets Chrome act more like its own self-contained desktop than just a fullscreen Chrome window.

Chrome Windows 8 Metro

The new Windows 8 Metro Mode

With a number of quality offline-capable Chrome Apps specifically designated as “for your desktop”, it’s never been more enticing to try out Chrome as a desktop replacement inside your actual Windows 8 desktop.

The addition of a Chrome OS-inspired App Shelf also makes it easier to pin and access all of your favourite Chrome Apps, and the familiar App Launcher puts quick Google and app searching a click away.

The feature requires hardware acceleration and does not yet work on devices with HiDPI screens. On devices where one of these issues is detected the option to launch the app in Metro mode will not show.

Windows users will also benefit from the improved malware protection that automatically blocks Chrome from downloading known malware right from the get-go.

Other changes in Google Chrome 32 Stable include:

  • New application and extension APIs
  • Stability and performance improvements
  • 21 security fixes
  • Pepper Flash updated to 

Getting Chrome 32

Google Chrome 32 is available as an automatic update for existing users, and as a free download available on Windows, Mac, Linux.

Download Google Chrome (Stable)

  • Mathspy

    This is the only reason for me to get Windows 8

    • Christopher Horton

      If this is your reason to get Windows 8, then why not just get a Chromebook instead?

      • Mathspy

        That’s the only reason, and that’s why I am still not going to get it.
        Whileas for Chromebooks. Unluckily, I don’t have access to any in my country

      • Dragoslav

        You really think Chromebook can compare to full Windows OS? o.O

        • Merri Mogridge

          For a lot of people, yes.

  • Kenny Strawn

    I’m already on 34 myself… of course, that’s Chrome OS Canary for you, which also got an update today — one that brought a showstopper bug along for the ride, which is why it’s been reported: to avoid letting it trickle down to the stable builds.

  • miri

    That you can get desktop notifications on a secondary monitor is reason enough to use it over the Windows desktop.

  • Domagoj Bet

    Talk about a trojan horse.

  • Kenny Strawn

    Certainly the best way in the world to prove Microsoft wrong about their Scroogled campaign…

  • R2D221

    I could as well open the Ubuntu Tour ( inside Chrome OS inside Windows 8.

    • Christian


    • Farhan Afnan Iskandar


  • jeykeu

    I’ve already noticed :)

  • Farhan Afnan Iskandar

    now windows 8 will can run 4 desktop environment :
    – Windows Modern UI
    – Windows Desktop
    – KDE
    – Chrome

  • hi, any shortcuts in metro mode to select apps?

  • Wesley Files

    I just got a chance to try out Chrome’s “modern” layout on Windows 8. It’s neat, but it doesn’t feel like using Chrome OS without the same three finger gestures and keyboard functions. I may be unaware of this versions shortcuts for the same functions, and possibly the computer I tried doesn’t support more than a two point input, though.

  • Surfer

    Chrome needs a one most used feature..It should give a option to keep the bookmarks as a button with tree down structure near address bar …the bookmarks bar ribbon takes some screen space..This will be the superior option for the existing by design & operation..Please pass this request to respective official in chrome..don’t know how to make it heard to a respective personnel.