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This is Chrome’s Newest Easter Egg. And It’s Awesome

T-Rex Runner Gif in Google Chrome Canary

The Wi-Fi at the coffee shop I work out of most mornings is, like most public internet hotspots, patchy and prone to temporarily ‘drop out’.

We’ve already seen how Google plans to make intermittent connectivity issues less of a hindrance through cache page loading malarkey.

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Helpful as this may be the latest Canary builds of Google Chrome comes with a little extra sweetener. Hidden within the browser’s new-look ‘Network Error’ page is a cute, endless running game. It even features the ‘lonely t-rex’ character used to illustrate the browser’s error pages.

This button-mashing game certainly helps me channel my frustration pass the time while I wait for the network to solve itself. If you use Chrome Canary on Windows or Mac (or run Chromium from trunk on Linux) here’s how you can try it.

How to Play The Endless T-Rex Runner Game in Chrome

Turn off your Wi-Fi connection (or use the developer tools in Chrome to simulate this). Then, open a new tab and load up a website. You’ll see the standard (though redesigned) Network Error page, topped by the lonely T-Rex glyph created by Google designer Sebastien Gabriel.

Typically at this point you’d close the tab and tut loudly, gesturing for the nearest barista to go and reboot the router. Instead, tap the space bar on your keyboard.

The lonely T-Rex at the top of the page will suddenly bounce. A stretch of land will appear before him. And then…he’ll start running.

Like other endless runner games the goal is simple: run as far as you can, for as long as you can, until you crash. You’ll need to keep mashing the space bar on your keyboard to help the T-Rex clear the conveyor belt of variously spaced, differently sized cacti.

Every 100 points marker is punctuated by a screeching high score blip.

endless runner easter egg in chrome

As hidden novelties go, this is a welcome one. A fun way to fill in idle time.

  • Aaron Porter

    This is beautiful….

  • Doesn’t work on my Chromebook (yet…)
    Google Chrome39.0.2167.4 (Official Build) canaryRevisionb1ec748a08e7011e6c994042bf745b3f3a1cd4e0Platform6297.0.0 (Official Build) canary-channel daisy

  • Not for Linux?

    • Linux doesn’t have a formal ‘canary’ channel, but it’s available in the latest Chromium builds from trunk.

  • Spielesnacks

    I downloaded Canary and I see the T-Rex – but I can’t start the game. Why?

    • You are offline when you try it, right? It only works on the connection error page and not a web-site error page.

      • Spielesnacks

        yes, I’m offline, for sure. I tried it on the webseite error pages. how can I get to the connection error site?

  • Guest

    Doesn’t work for me either.

  • Enzzo

    Not working in chromium 37.0.2062.120 (281580) (64-bit)

    • I’m not surprised – it’s only just landed in Chromium, so you’d need to be running Chromium from trunk (v39).

  • Roger W Turner

    You hooligan! Now, instead of switching to a working network I waste my time. :) :)

  • TheHeinzketchup

    Doesnt Work

    • John

      Yes it does i just spent an hour playing it……

      • PairedPrototype

        An hour! DUDE!!

      • you dont know me

        an hour? wow. how high is your score?

  • Jacob Phillips

    Hint: Press down so you don’t get screwed over in a cluster of obstacles.

  • eiberg10

    It works with Android.

  • terminator alien

    when you see the t rex monster just press spacebar .and play the game .i had a max score of 5069

    • neonas

      how u made that much :O?

      • terminator alien

        playing while there is no internet ..


      • you dont know me

        beated? can you spell?

        • you dont know me

          sorry if im being mean im sorry. but congratulations on getting so high! i cant get past 100…..

    • Emils Rubins

      my best is only 2712

  • mikebar

    No easter eggs here, just ad-free beautiful google search for chrome!

    Check out the all new SearchTop™ from wow/chrome!

  • Steyn Dale

    but in my chrome the dinasour comes in middle of the screen at time of error and the game deosn’t start on pressing the space.Please help

  • Nura


    • Try killing joker it should help wait i have to kill him wait brb

      • you dont know me

        nerd. XD

      • you dont know me

        you know, batman doesn’t kill because he knows then he would just be as bad as the villian. after all joker does, batman would still save him. wow, my sis says it, but now i hear it. im such a nerd.

    • make sure it isn’tconnected to the internet

  • Spy

    how does it work w/ internet ?

    • alex rembisz

      it doesnt

  • Ermmm

    there’s a hidden secret in the game

    • Adrienne Chan

      what? what’s it?

  • Ermmm

    u can fly for a bit

  • Ermmm

    by pressing space bar then backspacing it then u click back on the game xD

  • Ermmm

    have fun with that xD

  • Ermmm

    wat i mean by space is on the very top bar type space there

  • Ermmm

    sry i talk 2 much

  • kassity

    it is so hard but easy

  • Kevin Troy Darling

    Since updates 40 and 41 have bugs that cause my WiFi to drop constantly, I’m getting great use of this new feature.

    • liamdools

      Try Ubuntu. It’s in no way good, but it’s about a thousand times better than Chrome OS.

      • alex rembisz

        nah try arch linux

    • Lucky

      I made my record yesterday, what’s yours?

      • jackson

        i got

        • Jaredare – Cubing, Gaming, Tip

          I got 766, not sure how to post the evidence though…

  • Dave Lowery

    thank god I haven’t had that problem… Yet… ;)

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  • fou

    ali fdp

  • Parker Mitchell

    it works for me

    • Joham

      Your pic is the skin in my minecraft pc version….. copy cat!

  • Bob the Jill

    4 me 2

    • Zehua Zhang

      I know who you are, Bob, or should I say Owen?

      • Bob the Jill


      • Jaredare – Cubing, Gaming, Tip

        I know who you are Zehua, or should I say, FRANK?!

  • Random person

    Lol my sister found this out already Your 2 late dude toooooooo late! OH I JUST OWNED YOU! XD

  • Guest

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  • Content Generating Machine.

    I discovered the game by accident. It also features flying birds.

    • Naomi DePlume

      Dude those are pterodactyls.

      • Content Generating Machine.

        You’re right.

      • astroanu

        pedophiles ?

    • Kaneki

      Don’t all birds fly?

      • disqus_cx5nN9m6zQ


        • Jaredare – Cubing, Gaming, Tip

          Uhh flamingo’s?

      • disqus_cx5nN9m6zQ

        ostriches…no, ALL birds don’t fly.

      • Shanatnu


  • squint9

    In other words, if we can’t find the usual games at work, we can always go to Chrome. Yeah. That’s productivity for ya. ^_^

  • Vincent

    I found that it is possible to fly, but how do you do this?

    • Naomi DePlume

      Can’t you tell us?

      • Amelia

        It has to be night time. Spam the up arrow key.

    • Claire Bailey

      How do you FLY???

    • Loldotdot

      Extend your wings and flap them back and forth.

  • Wesley Hatin

    Pretty sure the pterodactyls are new. I’ve played it before and gotten past 1000, but I’d never seen them until today.

    • chiranjit

      Yes they are new additions I suppose. Never encountered them before. Nice to see google improving this game also :-)

    • you dont know me

      do you know how to change your avatar?

      • you dont know me

        cuz i dont know.

      • Adrienne Chan

        i don’t think u can change but to me the dino is cute enough

  • Kasey Webber

    ermmmm is so annoying, this page wasn’t made for just you. Idiot. It was made for reviews for the T-rex Runner game. Get It Right.

  • Kasey Webber

    Oh, I’m sorry, Ermmm. Whoever calls themselves that.

  • Therok1984

    < ?????? +dilbert +*********…..


  • Mia Hatsine

    i have played this and it is halarious

  • Gerrit Harteveld

    Pretty sad if you get excited over this.

    On a Windows machine you can play a lot nicer games.

    • Confederateshane

      If its so sad, why are u on this website checking it out and looking at this stuff?

      • Loldotdot

        You are my hero.

  • Emils Rubins

    my best is over 2700

    • Adrienne Chan

      My best is like 1000…bravo for u

  • Jonah Halbert

    I tried it but it said that the owner of the device has the game turned off……and thats me. How do i fix it

    • Loldotdot

      Turn it on. You are welcome… :)

  • you can also press the up arrow to start

  • Jay Nikola Dawson

    You can use the arrow keys, and after a while, you actually have to hit the down key in order to duck and avoid pterodactyls.

    • Adrienne Chan

      I only knew we could jump, not duck…lol

  • Harry

    My score its…

    • pt020

      My is 0 :)

  • Bradley Johnson

    SPACE_BAR: Jump
    UP_ARROW: Jump
    DOWN_ARROW: Crouch

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  • John-Michael Castillano

    it dosn’t work

    • Darren Zhan

      Go to the dinosuar and press the arrow key the arrow key that face up

  • you dont know me

    WARNING!!!! ‘you dont know me’ talks 2 much! WARNING!

  • kris worner

    soooo addicting

  • Adrienne Chan

    i play it whenever the wifi is off

  • Emily Phan

    When they don’t realize you can use the arrow keys so you can jump AND duck. tsk tsk.

    • Cool Charac

      But when you press down arrow after up the dino immediately ‘drops’ down from mid-air and ducks…

  • 8b Christian Weidemann

    ez :p
    btw you can fly when it turns night and you spam uparrow
    when it goes really fast you kan press downarrow and get down instantly mid-air

    • feren CEO

      Beforehand, you could also resize the window whilst spamming up to get insane air…

  • Sixto Cardenas

    I love this game better than the lollipop game I think

  • feren CEO

    Nice, it has a Night version too if you survive long enough!

  • huntandkil

    if u push the down button Ur Dino will duck and it can go under the pterodactyls near the ground just not right on the ground


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  • SinJoy

    All these years, I thought that it was a simple bird not a dino…

  • Are

    Don’t need to turn off anything to enter this page. Just go to: “chrome://network-error/-106”.