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Rovio Kills Angry Birds for Chrome (Updated)

Angry Birds' fans are spitting feathers after the web version of the game was yanked offline.

24 May 2015

Finally: Chrome’s Forgotten Games “App” To Get Update

Every new Chromebook comes loaded with a set of default applications, including handy links to some online Google services like Docs, YouTube, the Web Store and its "Games" section.

13 December 2014

0h h1 – A Puzzle Game for Chrome That’s Like a Color Sudoku

Easy to learn, fiendishly difficult to complete — that's how I'd describe 0h h1, a free logic game for Chrome and Chrome OS.

24 November 2014

This is Chrome’s Newest Easter Egg. And It’s Awesome

Offline and bored? The latest Canary builds of Google Chrome comes with a hidden extra — an endless running game featuring the lonely T-rex character.

25 September 2014