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Chrome OS 33 Hits Stable Channel, Adds New ‘First Run’ Tour, Contact Search

chrome os tour

An all-new first-run tour is included in the update

Google has announced the stable release of Chrome OS 33, an update bringing new features, fixes and security updates to Chromebook and Chromebox owners. 

Among the changes is support for the playback of ‘content protected’ — DRM to you and me — HD video on Chromebooks with ARM processors.

Following this update, new users will be also greeted by an all-new interactive tour of the Chrome OS desktop. Overlay items point out key parts of the interface, including the App Launcher and System Tray, with the option to ‘explore further’ presented at the end.

It’s now possible to search for contacts through the App Launcher, with buttons to start a hangout conversation or compose an e-mail listed beside them. This feature was previously available behind a flag but is now enabled by default.

Contact Search in Chrome OS

Anyone who uses Google Drive frequently will be pleased to learn that Chrome OS 33 supports ‘true offline’ support, such as the creation and deletion of folders with no connection, and the renaming of files pinned offline.

Notable New Features/Changes In Brief:

  • Folders can be created, renamed and deleted in Google Drive offline mode
  • Files in Google Drive can be renamed in offline mode
  • Contact search now enabled in App Launcher
  • Admins can set/allow avatar for public sessions
  • Content Protected videos in HD supported on ARM devices
  • New first-run tour 

Chrome OS 33.0.1750.124 is being pushed out to all Chrome OS devices except the Samsung Chromebook. Expect to see an update prompt in the next 24 hours or so.

Quick tip: To force-check for an update in Chrome or Chrome OS go to ‘chrome://chrome’ in the URL bar. 

  • Harrison Pace

    After enabling the Flag and Rebooting, Folders now work! :D

    • Lee Jarratt

      What flag is it?

      • Harrison Pace

        #enable-app-list-folder (Just Cltr-F and Type “Folder” Change Status from Default or Off to On..)

  • iamkjelle

    Why isn’t it coming to Samsung devices?

    • Harrison Pace

      Gone to: chrome://chrome ?

      • iamkjelle

        Uh, yeah and it says I have the latest version (32.0.1700.103). But as the article says: “Chrome OS 33.0.1750.124 is being pushed out to all Chrome OS devices except the Samsung Chromebook.”
        My question is simply: Why not? I’m rather new to Chromebook so you’ll have to excuse me if the answer is obvious.

        • No definitive reason given, but it’s not unusual for the ARM Chromebooks (Samsung and HP 11) to get their updates a little later than the rest. This is usually down to a wait on another fix or a last minute bug found only affected ARM builds.

          • iamkjelle

            Oh, I see, thank you!
            Harrison, no worries mate!

        • Harrison Pace

          My apologies I misunderstood, I see why it’s annoying your not getting it…

  • The always new OS. :-)

  • Matthew

    Hi, I’m on an Acer C720-2844 Chromebook but it says that my software is up to date. Anyone know why?

    • Are you on the stable channel? This is a stable channel update. Also worth noting that when Google roll out an update it really does roll; not everyone gets it right away.

      You can double check your Chrome OS version number against the current releases at

      • Matthew

        Yes I am on the stable channel. I checked the versions number against the current releases and I should be able to get 33. Also, completely off topic I wonder why the C720 cannot get the beta channel.

        • Kenny Strawn

          Just go to chrome://chrome and attempt to switch… Personally, when 33 was out on Dev, I, on a C720-2802 (2GB RAM edition), did indeed get it.

          Then again, that was before I jumped onto the Canary builds, which seem to be, on a tandem note, stuck on 34 for me despite 35 appearing in bug reports this morning…

          • Matthew

            I went to chrome://chrome still nothing.

          • Juan Carlos Cornejo

            I”m on the beta channel now and is the exact same version of the stable channel. So my guess is that for now there is no “beta” version. Probably will change in the next few days as they make Dev -> Beta and get a new Dev.

  • Kenny Strawn

    Can anyone who updated to this stable build confirm Google Now to actually work?

    • Roland

      I can confirm that Google Now doesn’t seem to be working even after going into chrome://flags and enabling the Google Now flag.

      • Kenny Strawn

        This is on 33…?! Using what OS?

        • Roland

          I’m on 33 as I switched back from the Beta Channel once I read that 33 was stable.

  • suore

    Maybe its not about Chrome OS (writed from FF)
    But help me, problem at video.

  • Roland

    Can anyone confirm that renaming files in Google Drive Offline works, I tried it this morning and was unable to rename a Google Docs file?

  • moe

    still not sure why we still can make app folders? or see more physical updates

  • Andrea Paolo Barone

    Got the 33 on stable channel on samsung chromebook, but none of the listed features seems to be here. Do I have to flag it? It does not have sense to me, cause it should be already part of the OS, isn’t it?