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Chromebooks Beat iPads in US School Sales For First Time

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Chromebooks are now outselling iPads in US schools for the first time, new education sales figures show. 

‘715,000 Chromebooks were sold to US schools in Q3 2014’

Industry research firm IDC say 715,000 Chromebooks were sold to US education institutions between July and September 2014, with IDC saying Chrome devices now command a quarter of all edu sales, as noted by the Financial Times (paywall).

While it may no longer be the ripest apple in the orchard, Apple wasn’t too far behind in sales. Cupertino shifted more than 700,000 iPads to schools during the same three-month period, and in spite of the significantly higher price tag attached.

Apples and Oranges

‘Cash-conscious schools need to get the most from each buck they spend’

Price is everything for cash-conscious schools who need to get the maximum benefit from each and every buck spent. With volume purchases pushing prices of Chromebooks as low as $149 a unit (if not lower), Chrome device share is likely continue to increase at pace, and at the expense of rivals.

Chromebooks are simpler, easier and faster to manage and deploy across a large number of students.

IDC analyst Rajani Singh credits part of the shift to the ‘active promotion’ done by Samsung, Dell and other Chrome device vendors to school districts. This push combined with the low upfront costs, easy management and ‘integrated keyboard’ are part of the reason behind their appeal.

“As the average age of the student grows the need for a keyboard becomes very important,”  Singh adds.

Growing Demand

Back in October IDC credited demand for Chrome OS devices for helping to boost consumer PC sales for the same period, the same month that Chrome chief Sundar Pichai noted that its devices were nearing a commanding 50 percent share of the education market in the US.

Having already jumped from a 5% share 18 months ago, I expect I’ll be writing an equally triumphant headline this time next year.

  • I personally knew that this would happen; it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that schools will adopt something easier, cheaper, and more readily deployed.

  • Daniel Kerr

    now googles got school kids hooked on them time to add soem decent games.

    • João Victor Schiavo

      OnLive, please.

    • tuberider76

      Yeah and some better screens at low cost

  • Definitely a step in the right direction for these neat little machines. I love using Chromebook and have not touched my Windows laptop for last 3 weeks now. Fast, quick and simple to use. Way to go.

    • tinkicker

      Yeah, I’ve been working on my Chromebook all day while my Acer Win 7 laptop has been updating and scanning for viruses, and now defragging…all day.

      • I can understand. Have been through all this. I am sure the industry is advanced enough to deal with these viruses and malware but for some reason the end user has to sacrifice their time to keep it all tidy.

        Chromebook has definitely taken a step in the right direction. All built in and seamless.

  • Kenny Strawn

    From what I heard, there were a bunch of them deployed at my sister’s school (El Toro HS ― where I graduated from back in 2011) recently… and of course, my sister started bragging about it when my mother was taking her to school one morning and I came along for the ride so my mother could take the carpool lane afterward to pick up my father from his hotel night audit job. Having been a Chromebook user since the Cr-48 test pilot years, I couldn’t help but bring my C720 out of my room when she got home and show it off…

    • wow, you really just went all out to tell your life story there…