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Chromecast Support Lands in Latest VLC Nightly Builds

VLC Chromecast Streaming in video renderer

It’s working in the latest Windows builds

I know that a great many of you have been waiting a long time for VLC Chromecast support.

The good news? Chromecast support in VLC is here, and it’s ready for testing!

The bad news? It doesn’t work very well – at least not for everyone who’s tried it this early.

Nightly Only

Patchy performance and a less-than-glamourous setup are to be expected as Chromecast support is not yet in the stable builds of the versatile open-source media player.

Nope. You need to be running the very latest VLC nightly builds — read: buggy, bleeding edge development snapshots — and, right now, only the Windows version currently plays nice.

Results will reportedly vary depending on the media file you try to ‘cast’. Different formats appear to behave differently, something that’s hard to square with the usually seamless streaming the service is renowned for.

How To Use Chromecast in VLC 3.0 Nightly

Enough waffle, you’re here to know how to stream video to your Chromecast using VLC.

It’s no use looking for the familiar “cast” icon: it’s not here. Instead, you’ll need to use ye olde fashioned menus to get your streams up and running:

  1. Go to Video > Renderer > Scan
  2. Go to Video > Renderer > Your Chromecast
  3. Open a video file and hit play
  4. Click ‘View Certificate’ when prompted
  5. Click ‘Accept permanently’ when prompted

That should be it. You should see something on your Cast-enabled TV screen. Will it be 100% perfect playback? Probably not. I couldn’t get anything more than a few choppy seconds to spit, sputter and fail.

But like I said: it’s very early days for this feature. If you jump in to try it this early you have to accept it’s not “end user” ready.

I hope you have more success — be sure to share your experience in the comments below.

  • Chris

    Honest question from someone who’s been looking forward to VLC Chromecast support for a long time: If you need to have your computer available in order to control the video like pause and rewind, then what does VLC Chromecast support really give you other than being able to take the place of an HDMI cable that reaches from the TV to the computer? Is there something else that it will offer that I’m missing?

    • Drakseid


      Chromecast is not only a remote display device, it also runs a modified version of chrome os which allows it to run without having to let your computer running. For example, if you are able to, try to launch Plex or Youtube from a chromecast and launch a video or a playlist, you’ll see that even turning of your phone/computer/tablet, your chromecast will still working. :)

      Greatings. :)

      • Chris

        Thanks for the reply, but I was referring to Chromecase support for VLC in particular. How is it helpful other than preventing the annoyance of an HDMI cable that reaches from the TV to the computer?

        • Andy Roid

          How is a cellphone helpful other than preventing the annoying of having your phone tethered to a landline?

          • Chris

            I’m not trying to be negative about it and I’ve been looking forward to VLC support for a while, I’m just honestly wondering if there’s some other benefit to it that I haven’t realized.

          • Robert Ossian

            Imagine you have a centralized media server that holds all of your video content that physically lives in your office/study/etc. You also have two TV’s: 1 downstairs and another Upstairs. If you want to watch content stored on your media server on these Tv’s you will need to either: A) run HDMI cabling across your house to both TV’s, B) mirror libraries in both locations, or C) manually shuttle content via USB Flash drive or similar to each TV on demand.
            VLC /Chrome support would enable you to simply launch the move on the media server and chromecast it to the TV of your choice. Add in “Chrome Remote Dekstop” app, and you could even do all this from your phone.

          • Chris

            I see, that’s very cool. Are you also saying the Chrome Remote Desktop app would allow you to control the video playback without the need for a PC nearby?

          • Leo Newburn

            I can control my pc running VLC from my phone VLC remote app from anywhere in my house…stop…rewind… etc.

  • Ashish

    tried with ubuntu 16.04.1…didn’t work. Doesn’t show the cast device after selecting renderer–>scan. hope further nightly build solve this issue in ubuntu.

    • Leo Newburn

      I have the same problem using Linux Mint 18 … which I believe is based on Ubu 1604…

      • Leo Newburn

        I think I will try to set it up on my other distro… Ubuntu 12.04….

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  • Chris

    Using nighly vlc-3.0.0-20161012-0239 (10/12/2016) and it is working quite well with .mp4 video

    • Leo Newburn

      Have you tried to cast to a chromecast dongle?

  • Leo Newburn

    I am going to try it on my Linux Mint 64 bit machine, then will come back and let you know how it goes.
    Leo Newburn … on Facebook

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  • Leo Newburn

    I installed vlc 3.0 nitely builds on my linux mint 18 machine. It doesn’t see my Chromecast dongle, which is plugged into my tv. My android tablet, and phone do see and cast to the dongle.

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  • Leo Newburn

    This is an old post from August 2016….when I received it today, January 20, 2017, at first I thought wow I can finally play VLC through Chromecast with this fresh new “news”!!!
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