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Dell Stops Selling Chromebook in US, Blames ‘Strong Demand’

Dell stops consumer sales of its Chromebook, but the reason why is awesome

dell chromebookIf you’ve been putting off that Dell Chromebook 11 purchase, look away now: the company has halted sales of the 11.6-inch device after facing ‘strong demand’ from consumers.

Anyone attempting to buy the notebook from the computing giant’s website in the US will find it gone; temporarily unavailable. The landing page now reads:

“Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase online. Please contact your sales representative for details on how to order.”

According to one of Dell’s sales representatives the limitation is down to “strong demand”. That’s not so surprising given how well received the device has been during its seven months on general sale.

But while individuals will find it a bit harder to find, the device hasn’t been axed. Education customers can continue to order the Dell Chromebook 11 through their locals sales contacts, while consumer facing third party and accredited resellers are likely to still have stock remaining.

The decision to prioritise sales to education and business makes sense for Dell. It’s the area where Chromebooks are growing fast, and being able to fulfil those orders stands them in better stead going forward.

With a rumoured Intel Core i3 model on the horizon it shouldn’t be too long before Dell is once again selling directly to individuals again.

Alternatives are available

In the meantime compelling offerings can be found from Acer and ASUS (among other vendors) that offer similar hardware specifications and, in some cases, lower prices, than the Dell.

UK consumers are not affected and can continue to order the device from the Dell Euro website. 

You can read our hands on review of the Dell Chromebook 11 here.

  • I was looking forward to the Dell Chromebook 11, but I may just end up getting the new Acer ARM laptop, basically anything would be better than my original Samsung Chromebook Series 3 (the slow ARM one)…

    • Frederic MANSON

      I am looking too to this new Acer NVidia Tegra based Chromebook. I have the HP 11 which is great but I want its replacement asap because of maybe a rush on its sales!!!!

    • Joseph Dickson

      I’m really enjoying the ASUS C200

  • Frederic MANSON

    It’s great to see that the Chromebooks are kicking some @ss in the public markets!!! The Chromebooks are the future, and this future is NOW!!!

    • Jop

      It’s not quite ready for game developing yet, though :(
      Which is a shame, would buy one otherwise.

      • Kenny Strawn

        Actually, when it comes to Dart/WebGL development, Chrome OS sure is

  • view2share

    Well, I do hope everyone here has a better experience with a Dell product and service than I have had. My first Dell was great, then two strike outs. Support trying to fix an issue on my second computer was useless. My third imploded within two weeks – a Win8 desktop. I now look elsewhere. I know, results can vary — best wishes to ya!

  • JusticeL

    I loved this Chromebook before I had to pass it on to my 16 year old. However, with the i3 right around the corner it will be mine again.

  • I’m glad I got mine while it was in stock, it’s the best deal for $300 I’ve ever had the chance to use.