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Google Play Music Adds New FullScreen Visualizer

The New Visualiser in Action

Fancy looking at something pretty while listening to your favourite tracks on Google Play Music? Well, now you can.

OMG! Chrome! reader Guillaum G. noticed a neat new “particles visualiser” feature has recently been added to the fullscreen options of Google Play Music.

When listening to music on the cloud player’s web app you can now choose between two fullscreen views: the traditional panning album art or the new mesmerising ‘particles animation’.

Despite the name the actual effect is more akin to ink moving around in water.

The heuristics choreographing the movement is, presumably, supposed to be in time with the music (though as with most audio visualisers I’ve ever tried, it seems a little hit and miss in that regard).

That doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful to look at though. It’s hypnotic. The splodges dance in a 3D space, darting around, intertwining and changing color during the course of a track.

Google Play Music Particles Visualisation

Try It Out

google music particles

To try it out for yourself you can, but you need to have the HTML5 Audio Player option enabled in Google Play Music (Settings > Labs) and be using Google Chrome with WebGL enabled (check via chrome:gpu).

  • Head to Google Play Music website
  • Start playing a track
  • Hover over the album art thumbnail
  • Select ‘Particles’

On the subject of Google Play Music, there’s still no sign of the widget app working on ARM Chromebooks — what’s up with that Google?

  • Frederic MANSON

    This widget could be cool if it is also integrated in the local media player on our beloved Chromebook. As well as an audio equalizer!!!!

  • 90’s: Visualizations are awesome!
    Early 2000’s: They’re pretty cool I guess.
    Late 2000’s: Visualizations are lame. I don’t need to see those.
    Mid-2010’s: Visualizations are all the rage!

    …and the cycle continues

  • Andy_0

    If only they would start adding useful features like smart playlists…

    • It’s not an either:or situation. This feature won’t have come at the expense of playlist improvements, nor will it have been as complex to a) make and b) implement as smart playlists would/will can be.

  • Michael Carr

    I’d like to see something similar for the Android app. Sure, it might be a battery eater, but I’d like to have the option if my phone is plugged into something.

  • Boothy

    Tried it yesterday, only prob was if you go full screen it seems to shut off.
    But glad to see they are still adding features to the web versions. They are all looking very tired these days compared to all the Android apps.
    Waiting to MD for web to drop now, Lollipop official release tomorrow!

  • W.G.

    Take a look at the CPU usage when using this, great way to drain your battery quicker…..

    • EP_2012

      Went from 1% to 3%. I’ll take it!

  • Nils

    looks awesome

  • motang

    That’s awesome, love it.

  • slurivariv

    I noticed this earlier this week and freaked out. I thought it was an old feature that I somehow just happened to only notice recently.

  • turco320

    welcome to 90`s

  • moe

    wow this is revolutionary! They thought of this all by themselves?

  • Marcell Lévai

    I hope it would soon work on Opera too :|

  • Hamzah Malik

    This would be an awesome thing to come on while using Chromecast

  • John Crane

    Not working – HP chromebook 11

  • Jimmy Lamb

    Not work on samsung chromebook

  • Phaddon

    Nice touch. Works great on HP CB 14 Celeron.

    • Ike

      I’m on the same chromebook but can’t get this feature to work. What did you do?

      • forresthopkinsa

        Worked for me. Weird

        Of course, makes sure you’ve got HTML5 audio on

  • Guest

    I’m on the same chromebook but can’t get this feature to work.

    • Phaddon

      I followed the instructions in the article. 1st time round it didn’t work but then when checking the labs page again I realised I had not hit save changes after selecting the HTML 5 enable. Make sure you’re on the up to date chrome version … but I’m guessing you already are. Let me know how you get on. If it still doesn’t work let me know and I’ll post up a video

  • rslh

    A bit off topic but still related to Google Play Music. I just bought the Toshiba Chromebook 2 (CB35) and noticed whenever I tried to stream a 40+ minutes song, it simply would not play. The buffering icon kept spinning to no end until it skips to the next track. I searched the web but to no avail, and finally decided to disable the Labs > HTML5 Audio feature and then it worked!? Odd. Just thought I add this tidbit perhaps it might help others in the future. Thanks for reading.

    • Phaddon

      I didnt realise I had the same issue until I read your post. Its happened to me a few times but I put it down to a sporadic play music issue as it doesnt happen reliably. Just to throw a spanner in the works … I didnt have HTML5 enabled until last night.

      • rslh

        Perhaps it’s an auto update to accommodate the new Visualizer feature. Have you noticed that once you turned off the HTML5 feature, the visualizer disappeared! I don’t mind since I much prefer to listen to my music. :-D

        • Phaddon

          HTML 5 needs to be enabled by the user for the visualisations to work. It’s part of the instructions within the news article. But yeh, they aint everyones cup o tea!

  • Phaddon

    Oh and more visualisers please ……..

  • forresthopkinsa

    Didn’t work on my tower, but worked on my HP 14 Celeron. Interesting

  • Dingus A Mingus

    Please a darker option. All that white is blinding.

  • Arcendus

    Need to add this to Chromecast!

  • Opio Faegansen

    This looks like a half-hearted implementation of a really bad milkdrop preset, and the framerate is terrible on hardware that should be more than capable of running something that looks like that.